Pure ecstasy: Your lingerie style according to your zodiac sign

Gemini journalist Regina Brett advises: “Burn the candles, wear the nice sheets, wear the fancy lingerie. Don’t save it for a special occasion. Today is special”.

In fact, every day and any day can become an occasion if you wear the right underwear. Lingerie is the final frontier between suggestive and frontal, the erotic boundary between imagination and experience, and an art form that everyone can and should wear and enjoy.

National Lingerie Day falls on April 25 and, appropriately, falls naked, it’s the natural heart of Taurus season to look good and feel good. Photoshoot. Take it off, put it on, and celebrate the simple joy of being a warm-blooded, fully embodied animal.

To help you narrow down your options, we’ve selected a piece of lingerie to suit each and every zodiac sign.

Read on to find out more, and be sure to read (and shop) for your sun, moon, and Venus signs, respectively.

Victoria’s Secret Floral Embroidered Strappy Crotchless Teddy

Aries will love the bold color and cheeky design of this crotchless lingerie.
victoria’s secret

The average Aries isn’t one to beat around the bush, or cover it up, which makes this red-hot crotchless teddy the epitome of the cardinal energy of the fire sign. Nothing subtle and certainly not for the faint of heart. Add to the mix that this shade of red is the color of power for Aries and the official hue of sports cars and chili peppers.

Mini slip Fleur du Mal So Money

floral slide
This mini slip celebrates big spikes and flowers, the love language of Taurus.
flower of evil

Taurus rules the second house of values ​​and possessions, wealth and value. Bulls prefer the good things in life; lightweight flattering, soft fabrics, eat well, feel good and look good. This Fleur de Mal slip pays a fitting homage. The brand’s name is an ode to Charles Baudelaire’s seminal work of poetry and, although he is an Aries by birth, I consider the dandy Baudelaire an honorary Taurus, especially since he squandered most of his inheritance on velvet clothes. .

For Love and Lemons Sunset Butterfly Teddy

cut underwear
The butterfly bear is an ace for this mutable air sign.
For love and lemons

Gemini is the hyper-verbal social butterfly of the zodiac, always flitting between conversations, mixed company, and commitments. This butterfly-inspired pastel piece from For Love and Lemons, a brand started by two best friends, honors the joyful energy of mutable air with lots of bare skin and useless buttons.

Intimissimi Fearless Femininity Tulle and Lace Babydoll

white lingerie
A bit of a girlfriend, a touch of BDSM, all Cancer.

Cancer is ruled by the moon, the lunar home of the divine feminine, and this lace babydoll is inspired by an unabashed celebration of that archetype. This number has a slight bondage/harness-inspired, moonlit, girlfriend sentiment that these committed perverts can really appreciate.

Dolls Kill Invest In Yourself Lingerie Set

zebra lingerie
Investing in yourself is the lion’s creed.

Represented by the lion that shakes its mane and eats prey, Leos are fierce and proud. By refusing to dull their shine, they give the rest of us permission to stand tall, wear animal prints, and never back down or imitate anyone or anything. This set of body stockings comes complete with gloves (theatrical Leos love an accessory) and the article title, “Invest in Yourself” is the mantra of a lion I’ve ever heard.

Savage X Fenty Shadowplay Lace Teddy

green monkey
Virgos will love the mossy erotic vibe of this bodysuit.
wild x fenty

As mutable soil, Virgos are adept at growing things, from tulip bulbs and tubers to emotional maturity. This beautiful outfit is reminiscent of autumnal moss, mown grass, farmer’s markets, and forest nymph role-playing—all things that excite and annoy Virgos.


black lingerie
A bougie classic for a bougie classicist.
The Pearl

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, luxury, seduction, earthly pleasures, sugar babies and savings accounts. In kind, this stunning bodysuit from La Perla is “meticulously crafted with lace that creates a beautiful trail of flowers sinuous across the skin.” Looking rich and reading like a poem? A power combo that Libra will appreciate.

Thistle and needle Medusa bodysuit

snake lingerie
Shedding is second nature to Scorpios.
thistle and needle

Scorpio rules the eighth house of sex, death, and transformation. Its symbol is, of course, the stinger in the clever scorpion, but the snake, which habitually sheds its skin and lives between the terrestrial and the subterranean, is also a suitable animal. This jumpsuit from the unabashedly gothic brand Thistle and Spire is also a tribute to the mythical Medusa who, like the average Scorpio, dealt with the withering glances of death.

New York Post Readers Also Love:

Agent Provocateur Izzi Corsé

shiny corset
This corset, like your average archer, is a walking disco ball.
agent provocateur

Sagittarius people are bright penny optimists who love to party. At best, they’re something of the human equivalent of a disco ball. This Agent Provocateur corset perfectly channels that glow stick necklace, dancing in the dust at dawn, making out with strangers in the energy of a parking lot.

Belle-et-BonBon Limited Edition Swarovski Crystal Black Bisoux Body

elegant black lingerie
Only the best for the luxury (and lust) loving sea goat.
wolf and badger

Capricorns like control, capital gains, and luxury items that are built to last and inspire financial insecurity in others. This limited-edition issue coldly proclaims, “You can watch, but you probably can’t afford me.” It is the Maybach of underwear, the caviar of lingerie. The best price for the always best sea goats.

Skimms Moto Contour Mock Neck

neoprene bodysuit
Futuristic warmth is the preferred aesthetic for water carriers.

Aquarius people can’t help but stand out from the crowd. This bodysuit from Skimms combines the energy of the two planets that rule the sign, the high-neck, zip-up structure of Saturn and the a– Let’s have a sex party on a spaceship while the world burns up the vibe of Uranus! !

Savage X Fenty Psychedelic Vinyl Slip

sleeveless pink dress
This piece comes from the Pisces Rihanna power lingerie collection.
wild x fenty

Pisces are dreamers and prefer their cake twisted with top notes of bubble guns, MDMA and the shiny stuff, making the Psychedelic Vinyl Slip by Savage X Fenty, a company run by fellow Pisces Rihanna, a perfect choice. Bonus: This piece transitions easily from night on the town to relaxation.

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