Police warn of ‘lioness’ on the loose in Berlin as people are told to hide pets

An animal, believed to be a lioness, is on the loose on the outskirts of Berlin.

German police have asked residents to stay inside and bring pets while hunters, vets, a helicopter and thermal cameras search for the wild animal.

Officers have been using loudspeakers to warn people in the Kleinmachnow, Teltow and Stahnsdorf areas.

Members of the public raised the alarm after seeing the animal chasing a wild boar, according to reports.

“The two gentlemen recorded a video with a smartphone and even experienced policemen had to confirm that it is probably a lioness,” police spokesman Daniel Kiep told local broadcaster rbb.

A video posted on Twitter, which has not been verified, appears to show a lion in the undergrowth. However, no zoo or circus has reported the loss of an animal.

Police believe the animal could be sleeping in a wooded area.

“The escaped wild animal has NOT been found yet! We still ask you not to leave the house. If you see the animal, call the emergency number 110!” the Brandenburg police tweeted.

In 2018, two lions, two tigers and a jaguar escaped their enclosures after storms destroyed fences in western Germany.

The big cats were later recaptured after being found by a drone, it was reported.

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