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Picard Showrunner Is Happy Jack Crusher Keeps His Mother’s Name – /Film

While the show is called “Star Trek: Picard,” and the title character should play a major role in the series finale, it felt a bit…unpleasant…that Picard was the one to rescue Jack from the Borg. Queen. Picard previously only had a relationship with the villain, and it might be appropriate for him to confront her after decades of animosity. But he had only met Jack a few days before. The two of them had talked a lot, and Picard had come to terms with the fact that he had an adult son, but their relationship wasn’t particularly deep or warm. In fact, Jack had been told since he was a boy that Picard was kind of rude, cold, and neglectful. It would have made more sense for Jack to resent Picard, going back to Dr. Crusher at the first available opportunity.

Matalas talked a lot about how names and, by extension, Legacies are a vital part of the third season of “Star Trek: Picard.” What people call themselves, and how they insist others call them, speaks volumes about their identities. By retaining the Crusher name, Jack was ultimately the son of his mother and not his father. Here’s how Matalas responded when asked how names come into play in the season finale:

“I have to sit and think about it a bit because it asks a lot of questions about the family. Picard and…it makes me think of things, like I’m glad Jack never took the Picard name in the first place.” In the end, that he keep his mother’s last name, and I think that’s very important.”



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