Perry Mason Star Diarra Kilpatrick used a part of her childhood to inspire Clara [Exclusive] – /Movie

Chris Chalk has spoken about how Clara was the only character that kept Drake going after he hit a turning point in Season 2 Episode 4. As the actor put it, “It’s Clara that gets Paul back on his feet.” . And Clara has been like that since season one, where she stood by her husband as he endured a crisis of conscience investigating a case and being pressured by corrupt cops to change his reports, not to mention the pervasive racism he endured from the long. .

Diarra Kilpatrick recently spoke with /Film, where she reflected on how Clara “grew up in the universe and how she became a pillar of support for her husband.” But Clara is so much more than just an unwavering companion, and Kilpatrick found it exciting to explore more of her character this season. The actress explained how she had conceived a whole backstory for Clara. And, when she was asked if there was anything from her personal history that she incorporated into her backstory, she recalled a family reunion in South Carolina where her aunt recalled burying her mother earlier. of moving the family to Detroit:

“We spent a lot of time in the heat looking for this marker, this headstone. [her aunt’s] mother. She’s like, 90-something and she’s like, ‘I know we left the score. I know we did. It was the last thing we did before leaving. And the whole world is out there, and finally, we found it. Her mother, Mary Campbell. So I borrowed that part of burying my mom and being the last thing holding her there and then moving on to what was hopefully a better life.”

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