Oh! This Is Why People Dump You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

It’s not me, It’s you.

It sucks to be abandoned and because our society is oxygenated by indirect aggression and falsehoods, we are often given petty explanations or excuses to be dumped, released, passed over and hung out to dry.

From “going in different directions” to “I need to focus on myself” to “I can’t give you what you need,” the reasons are dime-a-dime and universally rare.

Regardless of how the dirty work is done, I recommend Jana Hocking’s therapist-tested, patient-approved five-step plan for winning after a breakup and remind everyone to trust that the best is yet to come and that what they need is on the way.

With healing on the horizon, we bring you a list of the reasons why each zodiac sign is rejected by love and abandoned by their partners. Be sure to read up on your sun, Venus, and rising signs.

Keep in mind that this list is purely for entertainment purposes, everyone deserves love and everyone between us can benefit from the merits of therapy to get rid of ourselves after a relationship breakup. Chin up, always forward.

Aries natives have an innate need for excitement and racing heart rate. This makes them excellent athletes, over-the-top men, lifeguards and criminals, and absolutely exhausting romantic partners. Being argumentative is their love language and they are prone to raising their voices and then yelling that they are not yelling. Its alot. In the rising phase, no one does better post-breakup than an Aries who sees everything, including but not limited to a glare, like a bloody sports contest.

What Taurus lacks in flexibility, they make up for in hot temper and culinary prowess.

Taurus is dumped for being absolutely uncompromising on all fronts; finances, furniture, food and fidelity. Taurus is fixed earth, which means native. In fact digging through the discord, refusing to apologize or evolve even and especially when it suits them to do so. Basic recipe for an absolute tyrant. However, this sign rarely breaks due in large part to being good in bed and excellent in the kitchen.

General instability is the main reason why Gemini people are abandoned. A couple never knows exactly where they stand with a Gemini, an unsettling sentiment that’s sure to put off water signs and emotionally mature couples. Not knowing that they love you is reason enough to seek desire elsewhere. There’s a fine line between exciting and erratic, and Geminis love to tap dance over and over again.

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A couple of Cancers unable to communicate their needs…or need to break up.

People with Cancer are dumped for not knowing how to articulate their needs and expectations and then passively and aggressively punish their partner for not knowing how to psychically feel or intuitively correct their discomfort. Pondering is not communication. Because Cancerians feel deep and love big, they take breakups hard and are voted most likely to masturbate while crying over an item of clothing belonging to their ex.

Ah Leos, with their constant need for attention, validation, praise and affection and their moody and withdrawn behavior when not treated like the golden gods they are. Being with one is akin to being a stage mom, cheerleading squad, and manager, the work is tedious, and gratitude is tantamount to staying in the shadow they cast. Leos are left behind when their loved ones realize they don’t want to genuflect at someone else’s altar when they could be busy building their own.

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Virgos push their partners away by keeping a spreadsheet of unfulfilled expectations and personal failures.
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Not everyone wants a lover who is also a life coach. In defense of Virgo, and I will always defend you weirdos, picky eaters, tree lickers, you want your partner to be the best version of themselves, even if it means creating an unsolicited meal plan, goal set of work. or script preferred for conflict resolution. People who want to be loved for who they are, not for the potential they possess, are prone to giving Virgo the ex axe.

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Libra gets fired from love relationships for his fk boi antics; blatant flirtations, indecision, and high notes of ghosting and white lies. Charming as they can be and ruthless as you like, it’s impossible to cut ties with them, as they can reappear smelling fresh, looking good and talking sweet when you’re at your most flexible. Other likely reasons Libras are being dumped: check fraud or cheating on their brother.

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A Scorpio checking their partner’s phone for evidence that their “intuition” is correct.

Scorpios are abandoned when their loved ones tire of the mind control, staring contests, and baseless accusations of betrayal. Rest assured, though, if you break or break a Scorpio’s heart, it’s the day. This is the guy who keeps a claw on every ex, finds revenge fantasies energizing, and will live every day for the sole purpose of reminding you how wrong you were. While it may take a leap of faith to end things, it takes an exorcism to actually get rid of them.

This is a bit of a tricky question, as someone born under the lucky stars of Sagittarius is unlikely to be in a committed relationship and/or may lack the knowledge of what commitment really is. And there, my friends, lies the crux of what makes them disposable. This ilk is going around making better deals, always willing to negotiate and incapable of saying no to a good time. Renowned for their love of adventure and the open road, they use humor and coolness as a means of escaping the greatest journey of all… true intimacy.

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A Capricorn remembering that he has romantic obligations.

Capricorn was born to grind, prioritizing business over pleasure, ROI over relationships, and financial success over personal enrichment. This pyramid of priorities often leaves its partners feeling second-rate and unprepared to find someone with a better work-life balance. Due to the influence of the planet Saturn, sea goats set high and punitive standards for themselves and their lovers, and failure to meet or exceed them can result in some really obnoxious and nasty dad vibes, the kind that triggers a need for rebellion. and retreat into your romantic life. interests.

Aquarians are radically self-sufficient. In kind, they struggle to meet each other’s needs or recognize when to offer/give attention, affection, comfort, conversation, etc., which makes a romantic partner feel more like a dark master/eager minion, genius/pleading dynamic than a true and equitable one. relationship. The idea of ​​being needed feels like a trap to them, and as such, they can seem aloof at best and dismissive at worst. For those who find nothing good in cold shoulder, it’s game over.

Pisces people are dumped for projecting their unrealistic romantic fantasies onto their partners.

Pisces have the peculiar gift of avoiding breakups by acting bad enough that their partner breaks up with them so they don’t have to be the culprit, the bad guy, or the responsible party. If Pisces hasn’t passively ended the relationship, they can blame her tendency to project a totally flawed romantic fantasy.

Pisces and the rest of the zodiac wheel can take solace in the words of fellow fish Rihanna: “Just believe that heartbreak was a gift in itself! Cry if you have to, but it won’t be forever! You will find love again, and it will be even more beautiful! In the meantime, enjoy all that YOU are!!!”

And by enjoy she definitely means serving a drink, taking a nude, and texting an ex further down the list. Cheers to the good life, the single life and living well as the best revenge.

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