Nick Fury’s absence from Civil War and Endgame was frustrating for Samuel L. Jackson – /Film

When asked what was so difficult about playing Nick Fury, Jackson was a bit surprised. He’s gotten so used to playing the character that he’d rather be involved than not. Jackson, 74, knew that his character was essentially the puppeteer of the Avengers universe, and he felt that his character could have easily put an end to some of the more complex storylines in the series. In particular, he would definitely have been around when various members of the superhero team split into factions (over whether or not superheroes should answer to a government agency) and chose to cry with each other in an abandoned airport. That, to the uninitiated, was the central conflict of Anthony and Joe Russo’s “Captain America: Civil War.”

Jackson said:

“Sometimes it’s the absence of Nick Fury that’s hard for me. […] I was trying to figure out where I was during ‘Civil War,’ when the kids were fighting and I wasn’t there to say, ‘Everybody go to your room.’ Where was I during ‘Endgame’? It’s harder for me not to be there than it is to be there.”

In fairness to the creators of “Endgame,” Nick Fury had been erased from existence for several years before he was resurrected by the Hulk. But, once resurrected, he looks like he would step in and call a report to his superhero team, help devise a plan, and aid in the eventual unification of the hundreds of super-beings charging into that movie’s action climax. As it stands, Nick Fury only makes a cameo appearance at Iron Man’s funeral.

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