‘Naughty’ elderly woman in a hurry for ‘big bingo night’ popped moving traffic cones

He stayed in his lane, creating his own.

The hilarious moment a mischievous older woman rearranged road cones in a failed attempt to dodge traffic was recently captured on video.

A video of his cone game is currently blowing up on Facebook, with viewers joking that he was in a rush to get to “bingo.”

“I couldn’t believe she was actually doing it,” Anthony Foulkes, who filmed and uploaded the incident, told South West News Service. “She had ants in her pants.”

The Lancashire resident, who called the unidentified woman “very, very naughty” in the voiceover of his video, had witnessed the brazen act while waiting for workers to clear a wreck near Colchester, Essex, on a stretch already hampered by construction.

The thunderous clip shows a row of cars sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic alongside a lane that is bounded by two sets of cones.

On the other side of the dividers is a lane with much less congestion.

Suddenly, a grizzled old lady gets out of her car and begins moving the markers around like they were lawn ornaments in an apparent attempt to gain access to the fast lane.

In the narration, Foulkes can be heard joking that he is “too fancy to wait”.

After creating a car-sized gap, you return to your vehicle and attempt to drive through a newly created opening.

The anonymous woman rearranges the traffic cones.
Kennedy News and Media

Just as she is about to turn onto her desired stretch of highway, a highway worker intervenes and forces her to back her car back into its original lane.

The apparently exasperated clerk then returns the cones to their original positions.

Foulkes wasn’t too impressed with the traveler’s brazen attempt to circumvent the congestion.

“A lady of her age should know better; if she was a 20-year-old boy, she would understand then,’ she sneered. “She couldn’t even lift the cones.”

The traveler attempts to cross into the fast lane.
The traveler attempts to cross into the fast lane.
Kennedy News and Media

Not only that, but the cameraman believes his cone setup was “completely wrong.”

“I should have staggered the cones so the gaps were at an angle so I didn’t have to turn so much to the left and then to the right,” he explained to SWNS. “She ruined it.”

She added that the driver was lucky the “hero” highway worker had pulled her over, or else she might have been surprised by an oncoming truck after entering the fast lane.

Viewers were quick to mock the lady’s self-defeating travel stunt.

“Stay in your lane ma’am,” one joker quipped, while another wrote: “Oh my gosh. Some people’s cheek.”

“He has to meet Doris at the pub for a great night of bingo,” said a third.

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