My Grandma Helped Me Design $1K Shoes Made Of Grass To Celebrate 4/20

Puff, puff, pass those sneakers.

8000Kicks, an American company of Portuguese origin that specializes in the production of hemp-based products, has launched a limited-edition shoe created with real cannabis.

CEO Bernardo Carreira and his grandmother, Otilia Santarém, who also serves as the company’s co-founder, developed the green shoe as a gimmick in honor of 420, using the psychoactive herb, rather than standard hemp fibers, to create the shoe.

The cannabinoid-infused shoes, dubbed WEEDO, are made entirely from sustainable materials and handcrafted with up to 500 grams of smokable weed, which takes up to 30 hours to make.

Like the start of an epic smoke session, the company has to grind the bud into little bits to sew into the shoe.

However, since they’re made with organic ingredients, the shoe won’t stay green forever, developing a brown patina as the hemp dries over time.

Mary-Jane lovers took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the Stonerish shoes.

Bernardo Carreira is the CEO of 8000Kicks and his grandmother, Otilia Santaré, is a co-founder of the company.
8000 kicks

The marijuana-infused shoe, called WEEDO, features sustainable materials like hemp cotton, laces, insoles, and interior.
WEEDO shoes are made entirely of sustainable materials.
8000 kicks

Each pair is handcrafted with up to 500 grams of CBD-rich cannabis.
8000 kicks

The shoes will sell for over $1,000.
8000 kicks

“I would get a couple of these every time I emptied my grinder,” joked one smoker. “So when you run out of supply, you roll it up?” questioned another.

The company only sells 100 shoes exclusively on the 8000Kicks and Royal Queen Seeds website on a first-come, first-serve basis, with each shoe priced between $1,096.03 and $1,644.05.

No release date for WEEDO has been announced, but customers who are ready to show off can pre-register on the company’s site to purchase the shoe ahead of its official release.

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