My dog ​​has his own bedroom, bathroom, and snack bar; he is basically my son

Life isn’t so bad for Oliver the mini Bernedoodle.

The pup’s privileged owner, Sherry Tran, 30, of Coatesville, Pennsylvania, and her boyfriend, Ray Cruz, 31, treat the social media famous 3-year-old to a life of luxury, complete with a seven-step daily beauty routine. , strict health regime and her own home designed to measure.

Tran, a nail technician and esthetician, and Cruz, a 31-year-old heavy equipment operator, moved from a small apartment to a four-bedroom house where they had plenty of extra space to renovate a bedroom and bathroom specifically for Oliver, who Tran admitted that he is “basically his son”.

The beloved doggo’s space is packed with amenities including a custom snack bar stocked with gourmet treats in jars, a grooming table and a ball pit that matches his black and white fur markings.

The pampered pooch even has a personalized rug of his face that he received as a gift.

The couple spares no expense for Oliver’s birthday parties.
Jerez Tran / SWNS

“I knew that I wanted one of the rooms to be basically Oliver’s bedroom because he has a lot of things that I use to take care of him, whether it’s food or toys,” Tran told SWNS.

“His bathroom and bedroom renovation cost about $400.”

“My boyfriend did a lot of the manual labor when it came to installing things in both the bathroom and the bedroom. We are lucky that he is so skilled and he is willing to help me bring my vision to life,” he said.

Oliver is also a rising social media star, with more than 23,000 followers on Instagram and nearly 10,000 followers on TikTok.

Tran says she gets flak from online trolls for investing so much in Oliver’s lifestyle.

She said: “I get a lot of hate on the video saying there are a lot of kids who don’t have this luxury.”

“I understand where they’re coming from, but at the same time, the way they’re sending the message is by attacking rather than trying to provide information.”

“I know I do more than the average person with dogs. It’s just for me and my lifestyle.”

My dog ​​has his own bedroom, private bathroom, and cafeteria.  He basically he is my son.
Oliver’s third birthday gift was his own bedroom and bathroom.
Jerez Tran / SWNS

My dog ​​has his own bedroom, private bathroom, and cafeteria.  He basically he is my son.
Sherry Tran and Ray Cruz pamper their pup, Oliver.
Jerez Tran / SWNS

The Post has contacted Tran for comment.

Oliver is also spoiled with his own $1,000 wardrobe. His outfits include a bathrobe, raincoat, and puffer coat to match Tran’s, as well as snow boots to protect his paws.

The proud mom spends $200 a month on her “son” for his medication, home-cooked meals, and fancy treats and chews.

My dog ​​has his own bedroom, private bathroom, and cafeteria.  He basically he is my son.
Oliver the dog’s 1st birthday.
Jerez Tran / SWNS

Oliver maintains a busy lifestyle as Tran has a seven-step daily beauty routine for him.

“In the morning we get up, I leave it outside and then I go to the gym,” he began. “I tell her to go to bed and I give her a little gift. Then I take him to the yard to play fetch.

“The yard has a lot of morning dew so his paws are very wet and dirty from all the grass and where we live there are a lot of ticks. We make sure he is treated for ticks every day.”

My dog ​​has his own bedroom, private bathroom, and cafeteria.  He basically he is my son.
Oliver has his own wardrobe valued at $1,000.
Jerez Tran / SWNS

Tran continued, “Then I take him to his bathroom and put him in the tub to rinse his paws with a little bit of water to lightly rinse off all the grass.”

“I’ve always wanted this tub, but used to live in apartments and had nowhere else to put it.

Tran explained that he never liked the way other groomers made Oliver look, so he did his own research and signed up for a virtual grooming class at Bernedoodles.

My dog ​​has his own bedroom, private bathroom, and cafeteria.  He basically he is my son.
Oliver’s bathroom includes a soaking tub and table.
Jerez Tran / SWNS

More shots of the puppy's bath.
More shots of the puppy’s bath.
Jerez Tran / SWNS

“Then I take him to his bedroom where he has a grooming table. I dry it there with a professional high-speed dryer that hairdressers use,” he continued.

“Then I comb their fur to remove any knots and moisten their paws,” he said. “He won’t let me cut his nails, so I have to file them by hand, so they always have a square shape.”

In addition to maintaining his seemingly “presentable” appearance, Tran also spends thousands of dollars a year to keep Oliver fit and healthy.

“An expensive thing that we’ve bought would probably be your whole package of vitamins and supplements,” he said. “Their containers are $100 and the vitamins and supplements are $500.”

My dog ​​has his own bedroom, private bathroom, and cafeteria.  He basically he is my son.
Oliver’s owner says he gets hate online for spoiling the pup.
Jerez Tran / SWNS

“Once or twice a week I prepare their meals. He is on a diet of half raw meat and half croquettes,” revealed Tran.

“I change the protein weekly and add different seasonings and supplements to his food every day. I’m a big foodie and I wouldn’t want to eat the same thing every day, so I apply the same concept to him.”

Oliver also joins the couple as they spend time at the nearby creek, whether in a boat, canoe, or rowing.

My dog ​​has his own bedroom, private bathroom, and cafeteria.  He basically he is my son.
Oliver’s cake for his 2nd birthday.
Jerez Tran / SWNS

The pup is a licensed therapy dog ​​who is currently off duty but previously worked at a local elementary school.

Oliver and his family live in Pennsylvania.
Oliver and his family live in Coatesville, Pennsylvania, not far from Philadelphia.
Jerez Tran / SWNS

Tran says that he plans to take Oliver to Japan next fall.

His polite demeanor allows Tran to lead him into her salon.

“I’m not going to take Oliver to work if he’s dirty and unkempt, I have to keep him at a certain level,” he reasoned.

Sherry Tran, Ray Cruz and their dog Oliver kayaking.
Oliver also goes canoeing with the couple.
Jerez Tran / SWNS

“How am I going to have a beauty salon if my dog ​​is not beautified either?”

The couple also treats their four-legged friend to lavish birthday parties, including a $500 picnic for her first trip around the sun and a $1,500 get-together with a professional photographer and balloon artist for her second birthday.

“The house, the bedroom and the bathroom were his birthday presents, so we didn’t do anything this year because that was our main goal,” Tran said.

But next year, the couple plans to celebrate Oliver’s special day at a dog park and beer garden that is scheduled to open.

“Either you pay a daily fee or a yearly fee and you can drink, you can eat, your dogs can play and there are people to take care of them.”

But Oliver is a “VID, a very important dog,” Tran explained, so his membership is free.

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