My boyfriend made fun of my false nails: I made him wear them for a week

A woman had the last word when she dared her boyfriend to wear fake nails for a week after he made fun of her for struggling to do chores.

Amy Sibiya, a 29-year-old South African, challenged her boyfriend Tyrrel, 33, to show how difficult it can be to complete a simple task with long, false fingernails.

“He said I was being dramatic with my nails, and it can’t be that hard not to break one, so I bet he couldn’t go a week without breaking any,” Sibiya told Caters.

The playful boyfriend was surprisingly up for the challenge.

“I didn’t expect him to agree. I do my own nails at home, so I guess the fact that I was the one to do it for him made him more open to trying it and not having to go to a salon,” shared Sibiya, who is an art director.

“I expected him to hate it and ask me to take them off after the first day, but I guess he’s stubborn and was really interested in trying this challenge. He also hoped that he would break a nail much sooner.

Tyrrel had some trouble with small tasks, like opening lip balms and cans and collecting coins, but he had more pressing concerns.

Amy Sibiya was surprised that her boyfriend Tyrrel accepted the nail-wearing challenge.
@amy_the_curator / CATERS NEWS

Tyrrel playing with his nails
Tyrrel had trouble with some everyday tasks while using his nails and accidentally injured himself.
@amy_the_curator / CATERS NEWS

“He said the hardest things were picking his nose and scratching his eyes,” Sibiya revealed. “Her nails of hers were pointy and she accidentally hurt herself.”

The pair shared some of the fun of their bet online and received some criticism, but said they get more annoyed by haters than rude comments.

“There were a lot of homophobic comments, which we expected,” Sibiya said.

“It’s a shame, really, that so many consider nail art and creativity to be feminine and emasculating. They’re really missing out.”

While Sibiya and her boyfriend had a good laugh at their bet, some couples don’t always have the same sense of humor.

amy and tyrrel
The determined man impressed his girlfriend when he went an entire week without breaking one of her false nails.
@amy_the_curator / CATERS NEWS

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Not everyone can be a joker.

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