Missing girls and convicted rapist among seven bodies found at Oklahoma home – live

Search for missing teens and family members found dead in Oklahoma

Two missing teens were found dead in a home in Oklahoma, along with their alleged kidnapper and four other people, authorities say.

Brittany Brewer, 16, and Ivy Webster, 14, were named in an Amber Alert Monday morning after going missing while in the company of a man named Jesse McFadden, who is reportedly a convicted sex offender. .

But on Monday afternoon, Okmulgee County Sheriff Eddy Rice said the two girls and Mr. McFadden are believed to be among seven bodies discovered at a rural home east of the city of Henryetta, about 50 miles south of Tulsa.

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Jesse McFadden was accused of sexting with a minor

Jesse McFadden was about to stand trial for soliciting sexual conduct through the use of technology and possession of child pornography.

However, it appears that he failed to appear and legal proceedings continued until May 1, 2023, when he was scheduled for another jury trial and again failed to appear.

According The Muskogee PhoenixProsecutors charged Mr. McFadden with using a contraband cell phone to send sexual messages to a 16-year-old girl in Muskogee while he was an inmate at the Jess Dunn Correctional Center in July 2016.

Prosecutors said Mr McFadden had sent sexually explicit photos to the girl and received nude photos of her, hence the child pornography charge.


Brewer family church holds prayer meeting

A Christian church near Henryetta has held a prayer meeting for the family of brittany brewer.

Schulter Baptist Church in Schutler, Oklahoma, said on Facebook Monday that the Brewer family were “faithful members” of their congregation.


‘Beautiful, intelligent and full of life’

A friend of the Brewer family started a GoFundMe to raise money for funeral expenses, paying tribute to Brittany Brewer.

“She was out this weekend with her friends and she was supposed to come home last night, and her father reported her missing and a while ago they found her and a few others dead and the man responsible was also found dead.”

On his GoFundMe page, he added: “This is without a doubt one of the most difficult times [the family] will ever experience and they should focus on their healing instead of worrying about how they are going to pay for Brittany’s funeral.”


Mapped: Where the seven bodies were found

Here’s a map of where the bodies were found.

Police executed a search warrant at a rural ranch on the outskirts of henryettaa small town with a population of about 5,600 according to the 2020 census.


Previously in Okmulgee: Four missing men found dismembered in river

This is the second grisly tragedy to hit the Okmulgee area in the last year.

Last October, police found the dismembered remains of missing brothers Billy Chastain, 30, and Mark Chastain, 32, along with their friends Alex Stevens, 29, and Mike Sparks, 32, in the Deep River. Fork.

Authorities later charged 67-year-old junkyard owner Joseph Kennedy with murdering the four men, based on video footage from a nearby business, cellphone location data, DNA evidence and the testimony of a woman who said that Mr. Kennedy had admitted to her that he killed. them.


Who were the other four bodies found?

At his press conference today, County Sheriff Eddy Rice declined to say much about the identity of the other four bodies.

“Nobody [else] He was reported missing. There were other family members related to the one family,” he said, without specifying which family he was referring to.

But according to the KJRH reporter erin christythe other four people found dead may be the family of jesse mcfaddena 39-year-old man who was released from prison in 2020 after spending nearly 17 years in prison for rape.

“Over the weekend, Ivy Webster and Brittany Brewer slept over with Tiffany McFadden, Jesse’s stepdaughter,” Christy said on Facebook this morning.

“They were supposed to go swimming at a ranch in McAlester, but they never showed up. No one has listened to Ivy, Brittany, Tiffany, Tiffany’s two brothers, Jesse, or his wife, Holly.

“I spoke to Ivy’s mother, who said that Ivy’s Life 360, a phone tracking service, was disabled. She was unaware of McFadden’s criminal record. She says it’s very unusual for her not to respond to texts or emails. the calls”.


What we know so far

Here is my full story with the details of the case so far.


Jesse McFadden: a convicted rapist accused of sexting with a minor

Oklahoma criminal records show that Jesse McFadden was a convicted rapist who was sentenced to 20 years in prison, of which he served nearly 17 years.

The 39-year-old man was convicted of first-degree rape in November 2003, booked into prison in January 2004, and released in October 2020.

AccordingThe Muskogee Phoenix, he was also charged in 2017 with using a contraband cellphone to solicit sexual conduct from a 16-year-old girl in Muskogee the previous year.

His trial date had reportedly been set for today, Monday 1 April, although it is unclear why his case took so long to reach court.

A prison record for Jesse McFadden

(Oklahoma Department of Corrections)


Brittany Brewer’s father speaks

“Brittney was an outgoing person,” he told the network. “She was actually selected to be Miss Henryetta in [an upcoming] parade in Tulsa, and now she won’t make it because she’s dead. She has left.”

He said that the girls had gone to stay at the rural house of jesse mcfadden39-year-old, as they had done several times before without incident.


Families post photos of missing girls

Here is a photo of Mrs. Brewer (left) and Mrs. Webster (right), courtesy of their respected families.

Missing girls Brittany Brewer, 16, left, and Ivy Webster, 14, right, were found dead in Oklahoma in May 2023.

(Brewer Family/Webster Family via Facebook)

We also have a mugshot of their alleged kidnapper, Jesse McFadden, who was allegedly jailed for rape in 2003 and wanted for sexting with a teenage girl at the time the girls went missing.


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