Michael Cera Was So Overwhelmed With The Success Of Superbad And Juno That He Almost Quit Acting – /Film

It may sound like champagne trouble, but no amount of money or fame can prepare someone for the dramatic change that happens to a person after becoming a public figure. At best, it’s an onslaught of people asking for photos and autographs, but at worst, atrocities have been committed by fans like attempting to assassinate Ronald Reagan and even murder. “There was a point where I wanted to stop taking jobs that would make me more famous,” Cera said. That includes her decision not to host an episode of “Saturday Night Live.” While it certainly would have been great for her career and presumably a fun experience, she would also have put it on the radar of many people who might not yet be familiar with her work. “I was having a bit of a meltdown…I wasn’t really enjoying the level of heat.”

He said the increased visibility made him question whether or not he was going to continue acting, but he had already signed on for “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World,” so he would at least have to top that role. “I was already committed to it, and I went and did it, and I obviously feel very grateful that that happened.”

For what it’s worth, it’s this writer’s opinion that Cera’s turn as Scott Pilgrim is arguably one of the most culturally significant performances of the 2010s. Wax. He moved on to independent films and YouTube comedy, continuing to make music with his band, The Long Goodbye. “I think I wanted to be a hard-working actor who can enjoy my everyday life and the world I’ve created for myself,” he said. “I think that was what he was trying to figure out in general.”

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