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Met Gala Steps Compared To Toothpaste: ‘It’s Giving Colgate Triple Action’

This gala costs a pretty penny, and you might as well know it.

Savvy critics are comparing the grand Met Gala entrance to the toothpaste.

As fan favorites pour into this year’s benefit event honoring legendary but controversial fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, viewers at home can’t take their eyes off the coveted rug.

The iconic staircase leading up to the museum is carpeted in beige with vibrant red and blue swirls, and bears an uncanny resemblance to Colgate toothpaste, according to observers on Twitter.

“Why is the Met Gala carpet literally toothpaste?” a person examinedto which the official Ulta Beauty account replied, “I can’t stop watching it.”

“You’re giving Colgate Triple Action Deep Clean Toothpaste,” another said.

“When you take the cap off the toothpaste”, someone else joked.

Toothpaste was the vibe for many Met Gala fans.

“Is aquafresh toothpaste the red carpet sponsor at this year’s Met Gala or why am I seeing the similarities?” cheated on another user.

“The Met Gala sponsored by crayola and colgate toothpaste,” volley someone else.

But the rug’s dizzying pattern actually pays homage to the way Lagerfeld sketched out his bountiful ideas.

"Is aquafresh toothpaste this year's Met Gala red carpet sponsor or why am I seeing the similarities?" jokes a person
“Is aquafresh toothpaste the red carpet sponsor at this year’s Met Gala or why do I see the similarities?” one person quipped.

In keeping with Tadao Ando’s architectural design of the interior, there is a rhythmic tension between an S-curve and a straight line, as seen in the late designer’s famous sketches.

The red and blue lines that create an S-like pattern on the Met’s steps “focus first and foremost on the dichotomy of the curved ‘S’ line (think romantic, decorative) and the straight line (modern, minimalist), with a curved line wall and a straight wall in each gallery”, according to the Associated Press.

The Met Gala honored the fashion icon, who died in 2019, with this year’s theme “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty,” matching the museum’s installation of 14 galleries presenting an anthology of the designer’s work.

Every year the Met Gala carpet has a different hue or pattern, and some celebrities even coincidentally match it, and this year took a cue from the Academy Awards, which garnered mixed reactions for its champagne carpet.



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