McDonald’s new self-service feature makes customers feel ‘exposed’

A new feature at McDonald’s drive-thru has divided customers after many claimed it “exposed” their fast-food habits.

The popular burger chain introduced a personalized greeting on the digital screens of self-service kiosks welcoming customers who order through MyMacca’s in December. [Australian McDonald’s app] app by name.

Gold Coast influencer Jasmine Hand recently discovered the new McDonald’s feature while shopping for food at a drive-thru and shared her surprise on TikTok.

“Can anyone tell me when this became a thing at Macca’s?” [McDonald’s] because I feel like I’ve been exposed,” she said in a video.

The clip, shot in his car as he waited for his order to be fulfilled, was later expanded to show the message appearing on the large digital screens.

“I feel like I’ve been exposed,” said TikToker’s Jasmine Hand.

Self service sign.
Some commenters found the custom screen strange, while others said it made them feel special.

It said, “Good to see you, Jaz.”

“Why do you say my name friend?” she then asks.

Jaz’s video quickly garnered attention, with many agreeing they thought it gave away their fast food habits, while others said they loved the “personal touch.”

Those on the “no way” team argued that the feature was “weird.”

“I ordered a coffee from the self-service and it showed up and I freaked out,” said one.

“I’m going to stop going to Macca’s [McDonald’s] if they are going to call me that ”, agreed another.

As someone else wrote: “This happened to me the other day and I almost died.”

However, others thought it made them feel “special” every time they visited McDonald’s.

“I will deliberately go to Macca’s [McDonald’s] Let’s see if my name comes out tomorrow…” declared a spectator.

“You must change the name of your application to ‘Beautiful’ so that in Macca’s [McDonald’s] will say ‘It’s great to see you beautiful’. So Macca is paying you a compliment.

While one added: “He did it to me and I felt special LOL.”

McDonald's app.
Customers can use the app to earn points for every dollar spent on eligible food and beverage purchases

A McDonald’s employee explained, “We could always see their names on our register and we were supposed to say their name, but we all thought it was weird.”

“Mine keeps coming up with random names,” one chimed in.

“OMG the first time I saw this I was so embarrassed,” lamented another.

For those who aren’t fans of the new custom feature, there is a way to turn it off.

“We know that not all customers will appreciate the personalized greeting, so we’ve made it a feature that MyMacca customers can opt out of by going to their settings in the app,” a spokesperson for the MyMacca told fast food giant .

Customers can use the app to earn MyMacca’s Rewards, which allows you to earn points for every dollar spent on eligible food and beverage purchases through the app, redeemable on a variety of menu favorites.

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