Marvel’s Secret Invasion seeks to humanize Nick Fury after cheating death over and over again – /Film

Jackson commented on Nick Fury’s overall look, which included a neatly trimmed goatee, eye patch, and amazing long coat. Jackson noted that Fury’s clothing was a deliberate effect of the character; Fury wasn’t just a confident commander, he wanted to be perceived in a certain way. “All of those things,” Jackson said, “are part of a Nick Fury that’s invulnerable.”

In “Secret Invasion,” Fury will shed his signature look, stop wearing his eyepatch, and go on a spy adventure in more practical clothing. Although he hails from the world of superhero comics, Fury will no longer be in costume. Jackson said:

“Here’s a guy showing his face and showing his age. It’s an opportunity to humanize someone who everyone thinks is superhuman.”

In fact, an exclusive image on Empire shows Fury wearing a pair of glasses. Despite living in a sci-fi fantasy universe, the ravages of age reach everyone. While Fury will face off against an alien conspiracy in “Secret Invasion,” the miniseries’ six-hour runtime will give Jackson ample opportunity to explore the emotional range of his character. What is Nick Fury like when he’s not at work? Jackson said he was anxious to find out:

“I had to figure out some things and figure out some new things, which I’ve been trying to do for a while. […] It’s great to get the chance to find out who he was and dig into how much his work really affects his personal life.”

What is, for example, Nick Fury’s house like? Have you ever been out? What are his favorite books? These things have not been mentioned in the MCU.

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