Martin Lawrence gives an update on Jamie Foxx’s health after ‘medical complication’

Martin Lawrence gave an insight into his friend Jamie Foxx’s health a week after the Oscar winner’s “medical complication”.

The “Martin” alum told Extra on Thursday that the 55-year-old “is doing better.”

Lawrence, 58, shared his well wishes, calling Foxx “one of the best we have in Hollywood.”

He added: “Not just one of the best artists, but a good person. … My prayers go out to him every night and I only wish the best for him.”

Martin Lawrence and Jamie Foxx shake hands
Martin Lawrence updated fans on Jamie Foxx’s health.
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Martin Lawrence flashes the peace sign with Jamie Foxx
The student of “Martin” affirmed that his friend is “improving”.
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Martin Lawrence poses on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
He sent Foxx sentences, calling him the “best entertainer” and a “good person.”

On April 12, Foxx’s eldest daughter Corinne revealed her father’s health issue via Instagram.

“My father… experienced a medical complication yesterday. Fortunately, due to quick action and great care, he is already on the road to recovery, ”read the statement from the 29-year-old actress, which was signed by“ the Foxx family ”.

The message continued: “We know how loved you are and we appreciate your prayers.”

Jamie Foxx poses in a colorful jacket
The composer is recovering from a “medical complication.”
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While Corinne and her family members have not addressed Foxx’s progress since then, People reported last week that the singer is “steadily improving” while still hospitalized in Georgia.

Another source told CNN that doctors were “running tests and still trying to figure out what exactly happened” to the Grammy winner.

Foxx’s latest film, “Back in Action,” briefly halted production after his hospitalization on April 11.

Jamie Foxx smiles in leather jacket
Multiple outlets reported earlier this week that he remains hospitalized in Georgia.
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On Monday, however, his co-star Cameron Diaz was photographed on set performing alongside Foxx’s body double.

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The film, which is the actress’s first movie since her retirement in 2014, has been embroiled in scandal.

Foxx reportedly had an on-set meltdown last month that resulted in the firing of four crew members and reportedly prompted Diaz, 50, to consider retiring again.

Jamie Foxx stands on the red carpet in a black top and dotted pants
Production on Foxx’s film “Back in Action” resumed in the midst of his absence.

At that time, according to The Sun, the “Blame It” singer became the target of a $40,000 scam.

Foxx’s “Back in Action” co-stars have not commented on his hospitalization, but Kerry Washington, Nick Cannon and many more A-listers have shown their support via social media.

Lawrence, for his part, wrote that he is sending “much love and many blessings” to the comedian.

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