Lionel Richie would rather have sex than have plastic surgery to maintain his appearance

Lionel Richie attributes his seemingly ageless appearance to sleep, sweat and sex, despite rumors of plastic surgery.

The 73-year-old singer shared some of his best anti-aging techniques with the Daily Mail over the weekend, joking that he would never go under the knife because “that shit goes wrong!”

“[Plastic surgery] locks you up for that year [while you recover] and after that, you can’t go naturally, you stay there… You try to restart and you can’t,” he told the outlet.

Instead, Richie focuses on “water, sleep, and sweat” and doesn’t eat “too much red meat.”

I know it’s very boring. [Sex] it will work too and it’s good for the heart,” added the iconic singer, who has been dating model Lisa Parigi, 33, for more than a decade.

Lionel Richie in orange.
Lionel Richie denied going under the knife and said his youthful appearance is the result of an active sex life.
ABC via Getty Images

The clarification comes after social media users focused more on her appearance than her performance at King Carlos III’s coronation on Saturday.

“Lionel Richie’s face looks faker than the clay fan the blind woman was sculpting in her ‘Hello’ video!” one user wrote.

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“Lionel Richie has really messed up his face…. Why do these people do that to themselves? They never look younger, they just look weird,” added another.

“What was your plastic surgeon doing?” a third person tweeted alongside a photo of Richie onstage. “Training or experimenting with new things? I hope Lionel Richie doesn’t pay for that new face.”

Younger Lionel Richie.
The iconic singer focuses on getting a good night’s sleep, exercising, staying hydrated, and limiting his consumption of red meat.
Corbis via Getty Images

However, Richie, who became friends with the king after doing a job with the Prince’s Trust, revealed that he and Charles, 74, even joke about his youthful appearance.

“He says, ‘How do you look the way you look and I look the way I look?’ and I say, ‘Come to Hollywood and I can help you,’” he told the BBC.

Despite the reactions of some viewers, the royal family seemed to love Richie’s performance, especially Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Lionel Richie acting.
His performance at the coronation of King Carlos III generated mixed reactions.
access point

The two young royals were seen dancing and waving English flags as they danced to “All Night Long” alongside parents Kate Middleton and Prince William.

In addition to Richie, the lineup also featured Katy Perry, Nicole Scherzinger, Andrea Bocelli, and Take That.

Shortly after the artists took the stage, Charles and Queen Camilla made a surprise cameo appearance on “American Idol” alongside the two judges.

Lisa Parisi and Lionel Richie.
The “Hello” singer is currently dating model Lisa Parigi.

The competition show began with a video of Richie and Perry talking about the “amazing” coronation concert, before stepping aside as Charles and Camilla joined them inside Windsor Castle.

“I just wanted to check how long you will use this room for,” the king asked jokingly.

The new monarch went on to praise the “brilliant” and “wonderful” performances of Perry and Richie.

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