The Royal Guard shouts in the face of a tourist during a photo session: ‘Do not touch’

A member of the Royal Guard at Buckingham Palace gave a tourist a real scare when he yelled in her face as she tried to take a photo. A viral TikTok post on the account “The King’s Guard Official” has garnered more than 25 million views and thousands of user comments. The clip shows the … Read more

The 6 Best Dog Crate for Kennel Training Your Pup, According to an Expert

New York Post may be compensated and/or receive an affiliate commission if you purchase through our links. Sit back on your couch, stay on this article, and don’t give up when it comes to properly training your dog. We all know that getting a new puppy or dog is a big responsibility, and that responsibility … Read more

My wife wants to name our son ‘Charles’ after her late brother, but my last name is Manson.

A man has taken to Reddit to ask other users if he’s wrong for not wanting to name his son Charles, after his wife’s late brother, because apparently his son’s name would be Charles Manson, the same name he was given. the convicted murderer and cult leader of the 1960s. Anonymous Reddit user ThrowRA_Names12 checked … Read more

Balenciaga Roasted For $4,200 Tote Bag With Built-in Glove: ‘Weird Puppet Show’

Balenciaga is once again having an internet moment, this time for selling a bizarre bag with a built-in glove. People make fun of the luxury fashion brand for its Glove Large tote bag that is made to be carried over the shoulder, but the arm goes through the handle and becomes a full-length glove. The … Read more

Who is trans star Dylan Mulvaney and why is he suddenly everywhere?

Advertisers’ new favorite spokeswoman is transgender, and critics aren’t happy about it. Dylan Mulvaney, 26, who transitioned from male to female in early March 2021, reportedly earned more than $1 million from endorsements including fashion and beauty brands Kate Spade, Ulta Beauty, Haus Labs and CeraVe, as well as Crest and InstaCart. He also earned … Read more

Dining across the divide: ‘He thinks everyone gets more conservative as they get older’

Selwyn, 51, Huntingdon Occupation international sales director voting record He voted Labor in the past, but says that as he grew wealthier, he realized that socialism doesn’t work. In the last elections he has voted conservative and describes himself as a liberal capitalist. amuse bouche He discovered his entrepreneurial side at the age of 15 … Read more

With eggs so expensive, should we be painting potatoes this Easter? There is only one way to find out…

WCould you paint a potato? Don’t worry, this isn’t some crazy Dada version of those old “I wouldn’t dump a car” ads. America has apparently been hit with a potato-decorating fever, sparked first by memes about how expensive eggs are getting in the run-up to Easter, and then by a concerted effort by Potatoes USA … Read more