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Kellyanne Conway says Ron DeSantis needs to stop the ‘culture wars’

Kellyanne Conway has advised Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to call off the “culture wars” as he moves ever closer to running for the Republican nomination for president in 2024.

Ms. Conway, who ran former President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign and worked in his administration, spoke on Fox Business Network with Trump administration alumnus Larry Kudlow. Kudlow noted how polls show Trump was “crushing” DeSantis even before the Florida governor announced his campaign, and that many members of Florida’s congressional delegation have endorsed the former president.

In addition, he pointed out how Mr. DeSantis has continued to wage war against Walt Disney after the company opposed his so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill last year.

“Trump is running against DeSantis,” Kudlow said. “Meanwhile, in my opinion, Desantis is competing against Walt Disney, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. And I think that’s a big mistake, and his obsession here I think he’s really hurting him.”

Conway said DeSantis was behind Trump for a number of reasons, including the fact that Trump announced his candidacy in November while DeSantis has yet to launch his candidacy.

“If you want to win, you have to play,” he said.

But Conway also said DeSantis’ protracted fight with Disney likely hurt him.

“He spends too much time on the culture wars, and that starts with Disney and includes a lot of other things,” he said. “Woke is important, but you can’t have that as a replacement for a bold, growth-focused economic plan.”

Additionally, Conway said DeSantis has spent too much time focusing on Trump, though DeSantis has been reluctant to mention the former president by name.

“I should have come out and said, ‘I’m an alternative to Biden,’” he said.

In addition to his focus on Disney, DeSantis has been focused on restricting abortion, signing a six-week ban last week.



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