Jurgen Klopp wants Liverpool to have a different approach to pre-season

Jurgen Klopp has said that Liverpool must conduct their pre-season differently this summer as they look to improve what has been an often frustrating campaign.

A year after being a couple of games away from an unprecedented quadruple, settling instead for two domestic cups, Liverpool will enter the final month of this season already out of all playoffs and facing a fight to qualify for Europe via of the league. .

Klopp has already regretted last summer, saying a trip to Asia came too soon during preparations for the season, with the team flying to Bangkok just a month after the Champions League final ended a campaign. of 63 parties.

The club have yet to confirm any plans for this summer, but a potential trip to the United States has reportedly been scrapped with only one match in Singapore.

While he insisted that last summer’s tour was not enough to explain why Liverpool have been so far from their usual standards this term, Klopp was clear that this time there must be a change.

“We have to plan (pre-season) early and usually you have to plan without the Champions League final because that doesn’t happen all the time, you just have to deal with it,” he said. “And that’s what we did (last summer), we dealt with it.

“But then we started in Hong Kong and we played pretty much right away because we had to and then the guys came back step by step. It was never a perfect preseason, but that’s not the reason for our season now because we had similar preseasons before.

“But this year must be different. We have now been three, four, five weeks without (European) football. Usually you play all the time. Now we play a lot; I actually have no idea where they would have put the Champions League games (if we had passed).

“But it’s different and that’s why we have to step up. We have to take a step forward. And we have to prepare that in the preseason and that’s why I want them to get back together as quickly as possible, respecting the need for vacations.

“I know and I respect that and I want them to go on vacation for as long as possible, but this year we have to make sure we get together as soon as possible and we can go from there.”

Liverpool’s season will end on May 28 with their final Premier League game at relegation-battling Southampton.

Several players will then head to the national team’s training camps ahead of the international window that runs from June 12-20, but Klopp said it would be possible for his players to fit in three weeks of vacation and recovery before they come back for pre-season.

The first players will return on July 8, with those who have been in international action reporting on July 11.

“The day after the season ends they go to a camp to prepare for what’s coming, it’s crazy, but our hands are tied, we can’t say anything about it,” he said.

“So, to be honest, that’s why the next season is above all else. It means that the next season begins with the preseason and the guys in international functions will have at least three more weeks the three more days…

“But then we start here, we’ll have three or four days here for testing and all this kind of stuff, even the guys coming in a little bit late, and then we go to a training camp in Germany and we can work there properly with the whole team. and that is exactly what we need.”

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