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Joe Fournier reacts to controversial KSI knockout

Joe Fournier has accused KSI of cheating in his boxing match on Saturday, after the YouTube star won with a controversial elbow strike.

KSI, 29, dropped Fournier, 40, in the second round, leaving the businessman and former professional boxer unable to beat the referee’s count.

However, replays showed that KSI (real name Olajide Olatunji) had hit Fournier with an accidental elbow.

“He cheated, sure, in black and white,” Fournier told Fred Peck. “You all have seen the replays, it’s gone viral, it’s all over the world.

“He hit me with a clean elbow and the referee was there, watching him. Obviously [KSI] owns the promotion; when you fight the promoter on his own show… I’ve never been cheated like that in my life.

“I can’t believe… I came to this promotion to teach kids to do the right things, be ethical, work hard for everything they get, don’t cheat, and win.

“I saw the punch go through my face and then he hits me with his elbow. I literally felt bone.

“Of course you have to run it again; should be disqualified, that should be a loss.”

Fournier has a 9-0 professional boxing record with nine knockout wins, previously losing to David Haye on points in an exhibition fight in 2021.

Meanwhile, KSI’s win on Saturday was his fourth straight knockout victory in as many exhibition fights.

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