Jewelry owner accused of organizing robbery at his own store

Sydney police have arrested the owner of a high-profile jewelery store for allegedly planning a robbery at his own store and making a false insurance claim.

Michel Germani, 65, the founder and CEO of Germani Jewellery, was arrested Monday.

He has been charged with aggravated robbery and imprisonment of a person, attempting to dishonestly obtain a financial advantage through deception, posting false or misleading material to obtain property, and participation in a criminal group that contributes to criminal activity, it reported. The Sydney Morning Herald.

Authorities said the incident took place on January 19 when two men allegedly demanded access to her store safe and threatened Germani and a female staff member at her store in central Sydney.

Authorities said Germani staged the robbery to defraud his insurance provider.

Detective Superintendent Joe Doueihi told reporters Tuesday that investigators thought “something didn’t seem right about this particular robbery” and took a closer look at Germani and his associates.

The outlet reported that court documents showed Germani made a false statement after the robbery with the intent to obtain an insurance claim worth more than $2.8 million.

Police said two other men, aged 37 and 57, were arrested and charged in connection with the case last month, the BBC reported.

More arrests are also expected in the case.

The jeweler’s website said it had “extensive experience in creating distinctive, cosmopolitan, one-of-a-kind and exquisite jewellery.”

He also stated that he has been “awarded the prestigious Diamond De Beers Awards, designed and manufactured fine jewelry for the Saudi Royal Family, Queen Noor of Jordan, the Duke and Duchess of Wellington, Elizabeth Taylor, Princess Diana and other international dignitaries. acquaintances. worldwide; thus gaining international recognition.

The store claimed to house “a wide variety of quality colored gemstones and loose diamonds that are purchased from Belgium, Switzerland and the Far East.”

The brand became a household name when it sponsored the Sale of the Century television show from 1988 to 2001.

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