iOS 17 will include Mood Tracker and Health App for iPad, artificial intelligence-based health advisory service available in 2024

The iOS 17 update that Apple plans to show off in June will include several new health-related features, according to BloombergIt’s Mark Gurman. There will be a mood tracker feature, plus Apple plans to bring the Health app to the iPad for the first time.

Apple has long had a Health app, but it’s been exclusively available on the iPhone, something that could change with the release of ‌iOS 17‌. The Health app on ‌iPad‌ would give users more screen space to view health metrics, EKG results, prescriptions, lab tests from doctors, and more. Apple’s goal is to improve the popularity of the Health app in healthcare settings, where tablets are widely used.

In addition to bringing the Health app to the ‌iPad‌, Apple plans to introduce a new emotion tracker, which will allow users to track their mood, answer questions about their day, and view results over time. In the future, algorithms could be used to determine a user’s mood through their speaking patterns, what they’ve typed, and other data, but Apple will start with mood tracking.

The mood tracking feature Apple has in mind for the Health app in ‌iOS 17‌ will be separate from the diary app that was rumored last week. According to Gurman, the journal app will not be a health feature, but rather serve as an extension to the Find My service and other location features, as Apple wants to expand the social networking capabilities of ‌Find My‌.

The Health app is also set to get new features to monitor vision conditions, such as nearsightedness. As previously rumored, the AR/VR headset Apple has in the works will include health-focused features such as a meditation app that will guide users through relaxing meditations.

Next year, Apple will expand its health offerings with a new health advice service. Codenamed Quartz, the AI-based service will help encourage users to exercise, improve their eating habits and take steps to improve their sleep. The service will use data from the Apple Watch to make personalized suggestions and create personalized training programs, and Apple plans to charge a monthly fee. While the service is planned for 2024, Gurman warns that it could be “cancelled or postponed.”

Other important future health plans include blood pressure monitoring for Apple Watch and non-invasive glucose monitoring, both features that Apple has been working on for many years.

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