In this 420, learn more about weed with these carefully curated science stories.

Today is a very special holiday where a skunk smell permeates the air. If you are celebrating 4/20, popular science has the perfect lineup of drug science stories to make you everyone’s favorite friend. Don’t blow the puff step on this one!

Essential cannabis accessories

First things first, everyone needs some supplies of cannabis before lighting up. But with so many twists on glassware and other options, how do you decide? From vaporizers to grinders to pen batteries, PopSci’s roundup of essential cannabis accessories will guide you through the options.

A step-by-step guide to rolling a joint

Rolling a joint can’t be that hard, right? Mistaken. Luckily, in honor of 4/20, our step-by-step DIY guide will explain both the art and science of rolling a joint, with direct advice from some of New York City’s expert budtenders. It’s the perfect refresher for veterans and crash course for newbies, complete with photos, detailed instructions, and material recommendations.

Can CBD help you relax? This is what we know so far.

CBD, the sister molecule to THC, has found its way into various products as part of a budding industry. CBD is legal in more US states than cannabis and can be added to almost any product as long as it has less than 0.3 percent THC. It is an excellent alternative for those looking to relieve stress or who do not want the psychoactive effects of cannabis itself. Still have some questions about CBD? It’s not a panacea, but it may be worth a try.

Is growing marijuana sustainable? The answer is complicated.

Using cannabis products to ease weather anxiety could be a Catch-22. The researchers say it’s hard to gauge the environmental impact of today’s celebrated plant: Growing operations in the US consume a lot of water, land and energy. This is what we know about the sustainability of cannabis.

Can you overdose on weed?

All substances have their risks, and marijuana? Well, luckily it’s not possible to overdose in the traditional sense, but overdosing does pose some safety threats. Before you celebrate 4/20, listen to this Ask Us Anything podcast on the side effects of marijuana to learn about responsible use.

The Tasty Chemicals Flavoring the Edible Cannabis Boom

Cannabis can have a distinctive smell, but one thing that is little known to users and non-users alike is that each strain has a unique chemical makeup. Just like wine with its various aromas (such as floral, fruity, or earthy), different varieties of cannabis have a distinctive aroma and flavor. What makes them unique? Terpenes, or “terps,” are aromatic compounds found in many herbs and flowers. There are hundreds of known types that produce various flavors and effects. PopSci reported a comprehensive overview of the science of terpenes, ending with a list of the most affordable varieties.

Is marijuana a performance enhancing drug? The best evidence says no.

Unfortunately for many athletes, cannabis use is still on the prohibited substance list. These regulations exist to prevent the use of performance-enhancing drugs and ensure fair competition, but does cannabis really belong on the same list as steroids? Find out why the scientific reasoning behind cannabis regulations in sports might be lacking.

Cannabis Gets Its High Inducing Power From Ancient Viruses

The next time a friend thanks a higher power for cannabis, remind them to appreciate viruses for their genetic contributions. (At the very least, it was a joint effort.) The psychoactive and medicinal effects of cannabis likely evolved from ancient viruses. Mapping the plant’s genome posed a challenge for researchers as an illicit substance, but as it became legal in different states over the past two decades, they took a deep dive into its background. What better time than 4/20 to learn about the evolutionary history of cannabis.

Why did German scientists stone the cows?

No one wants animals to get high on our supply, but these German scientists did it on purpose with cows. Not to laugh at the animals’ “pronounced tongue play,” as the researchers described: They wanted to test whether organic matter left over from the hemp industry could feed livestock, reducing waste and curbing methane emissions from hay and soybeans. regular. The German study led to especially silly bovine behavior and THC-enriched milk.

Does CBD show up on a drug test?

Using cannabis products can lead to a positive drug test that could cost you a job or other opportunities. For those who want the stress-reducing effects of cannabis but have to steer clear of weed, consider quality products with this drug test and CBD product guide.

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