If Abby appears in The Last Of Us Season 2, how old would she be? – /Movie

Abby’s role in the story is the most controversial aspect of “The Last of Us Part II.” Without giving too much away, in the game’s opening hour, she brutally tortures and murders Joel in cold blood before taking his crew of Washington Liberation Front (WLF) soldiers with her. As Ellie, the player embarks on a quest for revenge across war-torn Seattle to find closure and seek revenge for her father figure. It’s all in the service of a challenging and emotionally complex story about the duality of human nature and how we are interconnected in love and hate.

Despite her strong, muscular physique and Laura Bailey’s deep voice, it is normal for Abby to be around the same age as Ellie, who is 19 when the events of “Part II” begin to unfold. A companion book, “The Art of The Last of Us Part II”, published by Dark Horse Comics, says that Abby is slightly older, around the age of 20 when the game’s events take shape. Obviously, there’s always room for HBO’s adaptation to tweak small details and age Ellie or Abby to a reasonable degree if necessary, but the fact that these characters are young and at extremely vulnerable points in their lives is greatly appreciated. part the point

“The Last of Us Part II” not only shifts the focus from Joel to Ellie, but from the older generation to the newer one. Everyone in Ellie’s age group has never known a world before Cordyceps infection, where survival was not the default way of life and where violence is not the only solution. Druckmann wouldn’t be interested in drastically aging the characters, as it would change his story a lot.

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