I spent $160,000 on leg-lengthening surgery – it changed my sex life

The surgery has improved this woman’s modeling career and her sex life.

Theresia Fischer, who starred in Germany’s “Celebrity Big Brother,” underwent two surgeries to lengthen her legs.

She is now 6 feet tall in her bare feet.

The 31-year-old underwent two operations to insert adjustable telescopic rods into her tibiae (shin bone), adding an extra 5.5 inches to her height.

Total costs for the surgery came to $124,000, but the medications and physical therapy brought her total bill to $161,000, all of which she paid for with model checks she expects to increase after these procedures.

The increasingly popular operation reportedly costs between $70,000 and $150,000, depending on how many inches the patient wants to “grow,” as well as thousands more dollars in follow-up costs, GQ reported.

The leg lengthening process requires a painful procedure in which a doctor breaks the femur in each of the patient’s legs and inserts extendable metal pins.

The nails gradually extend over the next three months by one millimeter per day, eventually making the recovered patient several inches taller.

Leg lengthening procedures require the doctor to break the femur in each of the patient’s legs to insert extendable metal pins that gradually extend over the next three months by one millimeter per day.

Theresia Fischer stretching her long legs in the bathtub
The procedure added 5.5 inches to Fischer’s height, who is now 6 feet tall when barefoot.

Theresia Fischer modeling
The German beauty spent around $161,000 on her procedures and recovery process.

The surgery also entails a lengthy recovery process that includes “relentless” pain that stretches the nerves, muscles and tissue in the legs to an “almost unbearable degree,” according to the GQ report.

Leg-lengthening procedures have become increasingly popular in recent years, especially among men looking for dates and tech workers who just feel better about themselves.

Fischer, who has 202,000 followers on TikTok and 145,000 followers on Instagram, revealed that he felt the urge to have the procedures after years of harassment, which unfortunately has not ended.

“Now I feel happy and satisfied with my legs, but a wave of hate hits me on the Internet,” Fischer told a German outlet.

Theresia Fischer in a swimsuit showing her postoperative body
Fischer hoped the extra few inches would help her get over the trauma of years of bullying and increase her model pool.

Theresia Fischer after her surgeries
The bullying hasn’t stopped, but Fischer said her longer legs have improved her sex life.

“It hurts me a lot. With the leg lengthening procedure, I found myself and finally got over my old trauma from being bullied. And now I’m being bullied again. Why am I subject to so much hate?

While the leg-lengthening surgeries didn’t help with the bullying, they did give Fischer an edge in the bedroom.

“My sex is better now,” she said. “I have become very flexible with my legs and have more room to maneuver in bed.”

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