I proposed to my girlfriend at our graduation; haters call me selfish


A recent UK university grad is splitting the internet with his public proposal, asking his girlfriend for her hand in marriage at their graduation ceremony.

In the clip, posted Tuesday on Newcastle University Twitter page, the unidentified man, also wearing a cap and gown, asks the question as the woman walks across the stage to accept her diploma.

She looks surprised, taking a couple of steps back as the audience begins to clap and cheer. Although there is no way to hear what the two say, she seems to accept her proposal.

He slips the ring onto her finger and they embrace before hugging a nearby college staff member.

The unidentified man took a knee at the Newcastle University graduation ceremony.
Newcastle University

The Post contacted Newcastle for comment.

Although a marriage proposal is usually received with celebration, many Twitter users criticized the man’s decision to make it in such a public place, and during another historic event in his now-fiancée’s life.

“Let her have her moment” one user criticized. “This is awful.”

“You know what the worst of this is? All of it,” another detractor commented.

“It is awful,” agreed another. “Poor lady. One of the best days of his life kidnapped by a rather selfish asshole.

College graduation, man in gown proposing to woman also in gown.
His public proposal divided Twitter users.
Newcastle University

But some thought the gesture was romantic.

“What a special day to remember for them”, a Twitter user gushed. “Congratulations on your great achievement and success, and congratulations and best wishes to the beautiful couple!”

Public proposals are a source of controversy, leading to debates about whether they are cute or embarrassing.

In January, a newly engaged woman took to TikTok to share the “nasty” comments she received when an unauthorized clip of her partner proposing in Central Park with a flash mob went viral.

“The younger generation has started to become the older generation on social media without regard to other people’s feelings,” Linn Ekebom, 29, said in the clip.

And in December, a man was reprimanded for proposing at his girlfriend’s graduation from La Trobe University in Australia.

Posting on her Facebook account, feminist commentator Clementine Ford did not see it as a happy moment.

“I’m going to do it so that he remembers that the day he graduated was the day I proposed to him. That was the most important thing that happened to him that day,” Ford wrote.

“And everyone who came out to support her will congratulate her on that (and not her graduation). She stops stealing women’s moments. They don’t belong to you. They are not yours to have.

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