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I Lost A Whopping 360 Pounds Now I’m Not Depressed Anymore

He’s just a big loser.

A German man lost a whopping 360 pounds, and he’s sharing his own tips and tricks for others to stay healthy.

Michael Mehler, 38, used to tip the scales at over 570 pounds and wore a 10XL T-shirt. He decided it was time for a change after having trouble walking and climbing the stairs.

“I couldn’t walk four feet without getting out of breath and sweating,” Mehler told Southwest News Service.

“It really was a horrible experience and I thought I would die, even my blood pressure was through the roof.”

In February 2020, she began her weight loss journey by having bariatric sleeve surgery, which is where doctors will remove a part of her stomach, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

The warehouse worker lost a ton of weight almost instantly with the surgery, but he was also able to lose even more by exercising, which he says is the real secret to losing weight.

Michael Mehler, 38, lost 360 pounds after undergoing weight-loss surgery and adapting to a healthy diet.
Michael Mehler/SWNS

She now works out most days and tries to focus on her protein intake.
She now works out most days and tries to focus on her protein intake.
Michael Mehler/SWNS

“I experienced the most drastic weight loss after changing my diet and exercising regularly,” he said.

In recent years, Mehler has lost tons of weight and wears size XXL jerseys.

Before her weight-loss journey, Mehler recalled eating six to eight bagels for breakfast, topped with jam, Nutella, and German cold cuts.

For lunch, he would eat two whole pizzas and a kebab, and come dinner time, Mehler would eat four to six fast-food burgers.

Now, he tries to focus on his protein intake as much as possible, detailing that his diet consists of whey protein porridge and berries for breakfast; rice, chicken and vegetables for lunch; and whole wheat bread with tuna for dinner.

“Change your diet and at first try to focus on counting your calories or just write a protocol of what you’re eating in a day,” he offered. “You’ll quickly realize that it’s just too many calories for your size.”

In between her meals, she often snacks like protein bars or fruit.

Now, her slender figure has made all the difference to her overall well-being, especially her mental health.

I used to struggle with everyday tasks, like walking up the stairs, before I lost weight.
I used to have trouble with everyday tasks, like walking up the stairs, before I lost weight.
Michael Mehler/SWNS

He is now scheduled to undergo loose skin surgery next month.
He is now scheduled to undergo loose skin surgery next month.
Michael Mehler/SWNS

“I am no longer depressed. I don’t have as much anxiety anymore because of my tumor treatment,” Mehler told SWNS. “But of course, now I also feel much more comfortable in my body.”

But really, he said, the key to losing weight is exercise.

“Plain and simple, you need to start exercising, whatever sport you choose,” he said.

After his surgery, Mehler began training six times a week for about three to four hours. He would complete two hours of weight training and two hours of cardio.

However, after losing all this weight, Mehler struggles with loose skin. He is scheduled to have the procedure on May 15, but since he is not covered by his insurance, he has launched a GoFundMe page to help pay for it.

He has a goal of more than $21,900.

Mehler shared her current diet and exercise plan with SWNS, for those looking to make a change.

Mehler’s workout routine:

  • Monday – Chest
  • Tuesday – Return
  • Wednesday – Legs
  • Thursday – Shoulders
  • Friday – Weapons

The old Mehler diet:

  • Breakfast: six to eight rolls with spread
  • Lunch – Two pizzas and a doner kebab
  • Dinner: four to six cheeseburgers.

Mehler’s current diet:

  • Breakfast – Porridge
  • Lunch – Chicken, rice and vegetables.
  • Dinner: two slices of whole wheat bread, tuna or salmon, and vegetables
  • Drinks – Protein shake



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