I have a strict dress code for my wedding: security will ‘refuse entry’

This dress code may not be well received.

An Ohio bride-to-be has announced that she will require guests at her upcoming wedding to wear black. And if they don’t, “we will have a doorman who will deny entry.”

Kiara De Jesus, who teaches students speech, is going viral for her outfit statement, which has invited 42,000 views since the clip was posted on TikTok last week.

She explained that she is “requesting black for my maiden era’s funeral.” She predicts that some people will ignore the dress requirement and show up to the ceremony in, panting, “bright red.”

The Post contacted De Jesus for comment.

His vehement vote comes as Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley is coming under fire for attending her daughter’s wedding in a “gold” dress.

Also this month, a bride gained support for her online complaints about her mother’s friend, who she says showed up to her celebration wearing a custom white gown similar to her own wedding dress. She labeled the guest a “clown”.

De Jesus’s followers stand by his side for his joint edict.

“Grrrllll! I did that for my wedding! Only for the court of honor. Tell me why one of them wore a coral dress with a train!!!!!!!!!” complained a TikToker.

“I asked everyone to wear sage green for our wedding ceremony and it was beautiful…she definitely wore black for my church wedding haha,” another shared.

Kiara De Jesus is going viral for her proclamation of the dress code for wedding guests.

His TikTok, posted last week, has invited more than 42,000 views.
His TikTok, posted last week, has been blessed with more than 42,000 views.

“I would hire security and not let them in,” a third confessed.

“Our place includes security,” De Jesús responded.

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