I hated my boyfriend’s snoring, until I made money from it

She’s turning her ZZZ’s into $$$.

Ana Malfair, 26, happily moved in with her partner of 33 years, Luis, last year, but was quickly annoyed by their loud snoring and constant wheezing when they started sharing a bed.

Now she’s huffing and puffing all the way to the bench as she takes advantage of her nocturnal sounds.

It all started when Malfair complained to her boyfriend that his snoring was keeping her up at night, to which she reportedly insisted that it “wasn’t that bad.”

“He always denied it, so of course I did the obvious,” Malfair, who lives in Mexico City, explained to Jam Press.

Ana Malfair was really fed up with Luis’s snoring habits, so she decided to turn them into a profitable venture.
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He decided to turn his snoring into a song, which he has shared on Spotify and TikTok.
He turned his snores into songs, which he has shared on Spotify and TikTok.
Press Video Jam/@koana

I have proof through [a sound] recording because a video would be terribly creepy,” he said.

He decided to continue recording, gathering almost a year’s worth of sounds.

“When I [played] he told him the audio, he thought it was funny, so I kept recording it every chance I got.”

Eventually he decided to ask some of his friends who are musicians to make songs from the recordings.

He uploaded the tracks to Spotify last year and they quickly took off, gaining traction with fans who wanted to hear the sweet, soft snares.

The Spotify account is titled “Snoring Machine”, which has more than 16,800 monthly listeners.

The two moved in together last year.
The two happily moved in together last year.
Jam Press/@koana

Ana said she has listeners from all over the world.
Malfair said that his Spotify account has listeners from all over the world.
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The most popular single is the minute-long classic “Light Snoring.”

“Honestly, it started out as funny, like he said he didn’t snore, and now everyone can hear them!” Malfair said.

The TikToker has been able to monetize her channel, claiming that she has earned around $32.

“I get updates every month, so I’m excited to see how it grows!” she told Jam Press about her side job.

He has earned over $30 so far on the Spotify channel.
She says that she has earned over $30 so far on the Spotify channel.
Jam Press/@koana

He shared details of his Spotify TikTok channel in a clip that garnered 9 million views this month.

She cleverly captioned the video, “Everyone can be an artist.”

Malfair isn’t the first person to record a couple’s strange sleeping habits.

He even showed the snoring video in a TikTok clip.
He even showed the snoring video in a TikTok clip.
Press Video Jam/@koana

A woman went viral on TikTok this year for recording a video of her boyfriend sleeping with both eyes open, something she insists he always does.

“This is proof that my husband really does sleep with his eyes open,” says TikToker Payton Vidmar in the clip. “It scares the shit out of me every time I look.”

Another woman claimed that her husband has “sexsomnia,” which means he tries to initiate sex when he is asleep.

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