I Ghosted My Husband After His Visa Approval: ‘He Fooled Everyone’

He rode into the sunset, without her.

An Australian woman claims her American ex-husband cheated on her one day after getting an Australian partner visa.

Isabelle Glastonbury, 31, said she met the unidentified Texan in Dallas in 2015 and got engaged a year later, moving to the land in 2018.

They cemented their union in a dream wedding in Palm Beach to the tune of $50,000, which her family reportedly covered.

But their honeymoon was short-lived: She reportedly ran away in January 2021 after receiving her visa, which Glastonbury’s parents reportedly paid $10,000 to obtain.

Since then he has moved on, rekindling the romance with his high school sweetheart.
Instagram/Isabelle Glastonbury

“I got home and literally 90% of her stuff was gone,” Glastonbury told Daily Mail Australia in a story published on Friday. “I had this sinking feeling.”

She recalled trying to log into her immigration accounts, but was blocked, her credit cards ran out, and her number was blocked. The crestfallen girlfriend said that none of her calls or messages were received.

“He emulated everyone: all our mutual friends, the best man at our wedding and his own family, no one knew where he was,” he said.

Upon reflection, she realized that he had become “distant and started disappearing at night”, despite proposing to move to Queensland and start a family together.

“I felt like I was married to a complete stranger,” she explained, adding: “I don’t know what his plan was, none of it made sense.”

“He was my best friend, my ride or die,” she continued. “He fooled everyone, including me.”

Isabelle Glastonbury and her boyfriend kissing her head
“I think we got married, he got over it and he was too much of a coward, not to say anything to my face, but he just wanted to stay in Australia,” she mused.
Instagram/Isabelle Glastonbury

She insists that the Department of Immigration and Border Protection did not help her cause.

“So many people reported it to immigration and nothing happened,” he said.

Glastonbury said he hasn’t spoken to his ex since meeting in February 2021, when he allegedly said he “had to be single.”

“I think we got married, he got over it and he was too much of a coward, not to say anything to my face, but he just wanted to stay in Australia,” she mused.

He said a friend recently informed him that his ex had remarried “almost a year to the day we were officially divorced.”

New boyfriend and Isabelle holding their baby
She is now the proud mother of 3-month-old Mason with her new boyfriend.
Instagram/Isabelle Glastonbury

Meanwhile, Glastonbury has moved on with her high school sweetheart Max, with whom she welcomed 3-month-old son Mason.

Now that you’re “in a good place,” you’re sharing your story to warn others who have turned a blind eye to your spouse’s suspicious behavior.

“Don’t be blind, because I’m sure I could have seen the signs before this happened and just ignored it, you never know who you’re sleeping with,” she advised.

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