I figured out the best time to disembark – it’s the only logical way

Don’t just improvise.

A Reddit user has sparked a fierce debate over the best time to get off a flight by admitting that he waited until the last minute to disembark once the plane landed.

“I don’t get up from my seat when the plane lands,” the unidentified person wrote in a Reddit post this week. “I wait until most people have gotten off.”

When asked why, the user simply said, “Because I’m not a jerk.”

The post divided Reddit users, who voiced their preferred methods of getting off a plane.

“I only get up if I’m in a [aisle seat] with other people in the inside rows to let them out,” responded one sign. “Then I sit down again.”

“[Staying sitting] it’s the only logical thing to really do,” agreed another. “Or, everyone ends up standing on top of each other and dropping suitcases on other people’s heads.”

Others refuse to wait, with one user insisting: “I have to be one of the first out.”

“I don’t get up from my seat when the plane lands,” the unidentified person wrote in a post this week.
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Reality star Batsheva Haart of “My Unorthodox Life” sparked a similar discussion after posting a TikTok of herself waiting for the passengers in front of her to get off a plane in December.

“Sit in my seat instead of standing until it’s my row’s turn to disembark,” he wrote in the video.

Their candid clip took off, with some users arguing that sometimes they need to get off the plane quickly.

“Some people have layovers that are short and they don’t have time to sit and wait,” said one follower.

“Just be ready to go out when it’s your turn,” warned another user. “I saw people gathering their belongings on their seats when it was their turn to go out.”

“Maturity is respecting that other people’s preferences may not be the same as yours,” observed another.

Airplane seats are a hot topic online. Last year, a woman went viral for her unusual method of getting back into her seat: stepping over other passengers.

And a TikToker from Minnesota sparked a turbulent debate about the app this month with his claim that an aisle seat is better than a window seat.

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