I discovered a forgotten subway code for a foot discount

Subway’s $5 pies may be a relic of the past, but one TikToker claims sandwich enthusiasts can snag one for $6.

Jordan Howlett, or, as he calls himself, “President of the Fast Food Secrets Club,” claimed in a recent video that the promo code FL599 on Subway’s website marks every foot in length up to $5.99, regardless of its original price.

“Subway forgets to remove discount codes, so they’re going to be active for much longer than they should be,” Howlett shared.

The only downside seems to be that hungry customers can only get the deal by ordering online at Subway.com and then picking it up at the store.

Howlett told The Post on Monday that Subway has not contacted him since he posted the video.

The Post also reached out to the sandwich vendor for comment.

Howlett’s clip has over 1 million views and over 1,400 comments, many of them suggesting Howlett should become the leader of the free world.

“I guess you should run for president now,” wrote one appreciative viewer.

“Now I will address you as Mr. President,” repeated another.

One wrote with the greeting emoji: “Mr. President sir.”

Meanwhile, others begged Howlett to come up with coupon hacks for other favorite restaurants.

“I need one for Chipotle dude,” said one.

“Do you have a stone cold secret?” another asked about the ice cream parlor.

One person asked, “Do you know any Wendy secrets?”

“TACO BELL PLEASE” yelled another.

One old-school user urged online users to check their mailboxes:

“You can find most Subway discount codes on coupons that are mailed to your home and they tend to work for a month or two,” they said.

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