I bought my house on sight: it has a cell in the basement

Talk about house arrest.

A TikToker who claims she bought a 1920s Florida home that hadn’t been seen at auction gave viewers a tour of the $59,000 “creepy and weird” abode, which she says once housed the inmates in the basement.

On the second floor, DIY enthusiast Mallory pointed out the siding and noted that all the doors have individual knockers and separate lights.

“I find it so creepy,” he admitted in the recently resurfaced clip from 2020.

The other highlight is the basement, which Mallory claims used to serve as a small jail cell when the house was owned by a state trooper.

He found a cell in his basement.

“The state patrol would hold people here when the jail was closed and then they would take them away in the morning,” he explained.

In a clip posted in May, Mallory confessed that she was confused when she found out about the cell during her initial visit to the house.

“Who has a cell in their basement besides serial killers?” she wondered.

She also noticed the house’s fancy wallpaper, which now hangs in her dining room, and that the basement door that leads upstairs closes from the inside out rather than the outside in.

Woman sitting at a green table.
Mallory shared some quirks of her Florida home in the 1920s.

The Post reached out to Mallory, who goes by @malloryonthemoon on TikTok, for comment.

His followers were quick to hypothesize what the house might have been used for over the years.

“At one point the house was added on and divided into multiple living areas,” wrote one TikToker, referring to the exterior appearance of the second floor.

“It was probably a guest house at one point,” added another. “The separate lights are probably because those rooms were rented out at one point, so everyone has their own lighting.”

Others thought she was being a bit dramatic.

“I don’t find any of that creepy,” one commented. “You scare too easily.”

Also in Florida, a Panama City property once listed for $1.65 million went viral on TikTok for its puzzling nature.

Pictures in the listing show closets with seemingly endless shelves and shelves, as well as a spacious kitchen with a carpeted floor, boarded-up doors and windows, and a display of vintage furniture piled up in random nooks inside.

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