How the 2011 Crossover Comic Flashpoint Inspired the Flash Movie – /Film

The filmmaker said that using the “Flashpoint” story ends up “killing several birds with one stone,” as a time travel element opened up the clue to incorporate Batman (“always a good idea,” he said) and explore Barry’s tragic life. background; namely, as Muschietti said, “the mother, the father, the accident.” While the death of Barry’s mother has yet to be explored much on screen, Billy Crudup appeared in “Justice League” as Barry’s father (reinterpreted here as Ron Livingston), who is behind bars after being found guilty of Barry’s murder. mother. That ensemble film barely touched on the details of the family’s sad history, but this Barry-centric “The Flash” has all the time in the world to delve into the character’s origins.

“I know there hasn’t been a Flash movie before, but watching this movie, do you feel like there’s something still unknown about the character or that you’d like to see a proper origin?” Muschietti asked the audience at this week’s screening. “Flashpoint” explores an alternate version of Barry’s timeline in which his mother is still alive, but begins with Barry waking up in that world and only explains how he got there over time. “The Flash,” as Muschietti explained, seems to be about to do the opposite, telling a more linear story that uses the “Flashpoint” setting. “Flashpoint is counted in a different way,” Muschietti said. “First, the second part of the story has nothing to do with this. So it’s just the setup or just the idea that basically Barry comes back and messes everything up.”

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