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How Evil Dead Rise Created The Franchise’s Most Disgusting Monster – /Film

I mentioned that the monster’s practicality was evident on screen. Lee Cronin appreciated him saying, “It was hard. I’m really glad to hear you say that when you see it on screen, it feels real. And that’s really important for an ‘Evil Dead’ movie.” In fact, ever since Sam Raimi’s original low-budget horror classic “The Evil Dead,” practical effects have been a big part of the equation.

As cool as the monster is, it wasn’t just cool for cool’s sake. When I spoke to Cronin (you can read our full interview here), he talked about going “first after the story and the characters.” Even when it came to bringing this massive Deadite to life, that notion of character first was there as well. As Cronin explains it, the monster has a meaning that ties into the heavy family themes that are present in the film.

“I also felt like it needed a big bad, but that big bad also reflects, it’s the worst version of family you can imagine. It’s a story about this subversion of family perversion. So, it’s not just there to be creepy. , also has a bit of meaning behind it.”

“Evil Dead Rise” is already in theaters.



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