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House Republicans, Manhattan DA End Fight Over Trump Investigation

House Republicans and the Manhattan district attorney’s office reached an agreement Friday to end a legal dispute over a House Judiciary Committee investigation into the landmark impeachment of former President Donald Trump.

Under the agreement, committee members will be able to question former prosecutor Mark Pomerantz under oath next month in Washington, settling a lawsuit in which District Attorney Alvin Bragg had tried to block Pomerantz from testifying.

Among the committee’s concessions, Pomerantz will be accompanied by a lawyer from Bragg’s office, which is not normally allowed in congressional depositions.

Bragg’s office and the Judiciary Committee reached a settlement after the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit issued a stay Thursday that temporarily halted execution of a House subpoena asking Pomerantz to testify.

The appeals court was scheduled to hear oral arguments in the dispute on Tuesday.

Bragg’s office said the agreement, which delays Pomerantz’s testimony until May 12, preserves the district attorney’s “privileges and interests” in his prosecution against Trump.



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