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Golfers admit they are ‘just on track’ to understanding the terms of their sport

A study of 1,000 swing clubs revealed that 68 percent feel out of sorts when asked about the sport.

With 45 per cent unable to tell the difference between a birdie, a score of one less than par, and an ace, hitting the ball into the hole in one stroke.

While 29 percent were unaware of the phrase “banana ball,” which is used to describe a very sharp fade shot.

A spokesperson for Lotto lan, which asks readers to guess golf’s famous faces ahead of The Masters this Friday, said: “Golf seems to be getting more and more popular all the time.

“But it’s interesting to see how many fans can’t tell their bogeys from their birdies and even the most famous faces in the sport.

Can you guess the 4 former Masters winners in our coded image?


“It seems like a lot of people feel that actually playing golf requires a lot of ‘knowledge’, which often makes them reluctant to join, but once you get the basics down, it’s actually very easy to follow.

“And the Masters is a great place to start practicing golf; we will all be seeing it here.”

The results also found that 36 percent knew what a “jack box” was in golf, another term for a sand bunker, but 31 percent had no idea what a “barkies,” a “fried egg” was. ” or a “snowman”.

It also turned out that 72 percent found golf jargon confusing and 78 percent found the terminology amusing.

But eight out of 10 find watching golf relaxing and find the Masters a really interesting tournament to watch.

And 71 percent would have it as their first recommendation when it comes to a newcomer to watching televised golf.

The Masters is also inspiring them to play, with 78 per cent of those surveyed via OnePoll picking up a golf club after tuning in.

When asked how many famous golfers they would meet walking down the street, almost half would recognize Tiger Woods, but only a quarter would say the same about Nick Faldo, Jack Nicklaus or Rory McIlroy.

The Lottoland spokesperson added: “You may not know your streets by their flyers, but it’s a relief to know that some people might recognize the big ones if they passed them on the street.”

“And for those who will be watching this year and want to get in on the action, our Sportsbook is a great place to start.

“Who knows, if you get lucky, you might buy yourself a set of clubs.”

Top 20 Golf Terms Fans Are Unsure About:

  1. Snowman
  2. Barkies
  3. Fried egg
  4. chili sauce
  5. Buzzard
  6. Air mail
  7. banana ball
  8. Dance floor
  9. reverse
  10. cat box
  11. Rug
  12. dribble
  13. Albatross
  14. Whole Nineteenth
  15. Ace
  16. Eagle
  17. Frills
  18. Disadvantage
  19. Fade
  20. Birdie



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