Get Wings or Die Trying: Mrs. Davis’s World Explained – /Movie

JQ describes people who have done 1000 missions and still haven’t achieved their wings, leading them to think the expiration date is worth it. It’s unclear so far whether the algorithm actually shortens someone’s life or just predicts when they’ll end naturally, but JQ says some people get “a good amount of time” when they apply. Still, this definitely sounds more dystopian than utopian; What’s the point of having wings if you won’t be around to show them off? What does Mrs. Davis gain by sending people to their deaths?

Both the “Mrs. Davis” program and the algorithm that gives it its name seem to have a lot more secrets to divulge, so perhaps we’ll get some insight into the motivation behind the expiration dates as the story continues. Episode three reveals that a key character voluntarily signed up for accelerated wings while looking for some self-esteem, and it’s easy to believe that if Ms. Davis were real, many people would do the same.

“Mrs. Davis” is a strange series that creatively blends ideas of technology and faith, and if you think about it, they’re a match made in heaven (or hell, depending on your perspective). Technological advancement and religious beliefs are two driving forces that shape the future and two topics that foster strong opinions from people who often fall into optimistic or pessimistic camps. Terrible things can be done in the name of faith and technology, but good things can also be done.

We may not know where Ms. Davis falls on the spectrum of all-powerful beings until more of the series’ mysteries unfold, but for now, we know that she’s already ushered in a strange new normal, wings, barcodes and all. . The first four episodes of “Mrs. Davis” are now airing on Peacock.

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