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George Lucas wrote fake dialogue to protect the unexpected ending of Empire Strike Back – /Film

As The Independent reported in 2021, David Prowse’s copy of the “Empire Strikes Back” script, which went up for auction after his death at the age of 85 in November 2020, contained false lines for Darth Vader’s big reveal. yes even he he was not told the full truth about his character’s parentage. As the actor who donned the Darth Vader costume on set, Prowse was originally supposed to provide Vader’s lines in “A New Hope.” The problem was that he had a thick regional accent that didn’t work for the part, so James Earl Jones dubbed him later during post-production. (Fun fact about Prowse: former bodybuilder really trained cary elwes for her role in “The Princess Bride”).

According to CNN, Prowse’s version of the “Empire” script eventually sold at auction for £23,000 ($32,000). Here’s the dialogue from his version of the climactic conversation between Vader and Luke:

Vader: There is no escape… don’t make me destroy you. The Emperor is strong with the Force, but the Force is strong in the Skywalker line, and together we will overthrow it. I will complete your training and we will rule the Empire as equals.

Lucas: No!

Vader: Luke, we will be the mightiest in the galaxy. You will have everything you could wish for… do not resist… it is our destiny.”



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