Gen Z says 3-hour ‘everything showers’ are ‘better than sex’

they are showering this viral madness with ultra-high praise.

It’s wet, but it’s not wild.

Generation Z and millennials are eager to get clean, really clean.

The newest trend in personal care is the “everything shower,” which involves taking an extremely hot and steamy shower for two to four hours, lathering up every nook and cranny while listening to your favorite music.

On TikTok, the indulgent practice has gone viral, with #EverythingShower racking up more than 168.9 million views.

“A hot shower for everything and Taylor Swift is better than sex. I’m sorry,” social media influencer Kourv Annon, 22, told her fiancée when she questioned the lengthy exfoliation sessions.

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“I wash my hair, I shave my legs, I shave my underarms, I deep condition, I exfoliate, I do my skin care. I do everything in the shower,” Annon explained in a TikTok clip that the post racked up a staggering 8.2 million views.

She makes sure to take a shower for everything once a month for about three hours, but others do it more often.

Some Gen Zers say that a long hot shower is hotter than anything that happens in the bedroom.
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Annon says showers are all "better than sex"
Kourv Annon went viral on TikTok after explaining her hour-long “everything shower” process to her fiancé Alex Warren.
TikTok/, alexwaarren

On TikTok, shower lovers admit to spending over 7 hours participating in the trend.
The #EverythingShower hashtag has more than 168.9 million views on TikTok from participants who swear by the benefits of deep cleaning.
TikTok/, .tiasymone

Baking influencer Nicole, known only by her first name, opts for one once a week.

“[I] always start with a shampoo,” the 32-year-old from Los Angeles said in a TikTok how-to that garnered 564,000 views. “Then we move on to the deep conditioner, the hair mask…and that stays in your hair for as long as it takes to finish everything else.”

He went on to detail the next steps of his weekly ritual, which includes washing his face, shaving his entire body, exfoliating all the dead skin cells from his skin, and scrubbing his armpits with a charcoal scrub. Then he washes out the hair mask and applies a leave-in conditioner to his locks.

Stepping out of the shower, Nicole moisturizes with lotion and body oil before treating her face to a 7-step skincare routine and slipping into her “comfiest pajamas.”

According to an instructional video posted by TikTok-verified, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Lindsey Zubritsky, a thorough prep process like Nicole’s is close to perfect.

“There is a right way and a wrong way to do [the everything in that shower]”Zubritsky advised in a TikTok tutorial with 426,000 views.

Zubritsky noted that taking certain steps out of order can cause damage to the skin.
Online, dermatologist Lindsey Zubritsky explained the right way to shower for everything.

Zubritsky explained that body acne, skin irritations, and razor bumps can be unwanted side effects of a douche for everything.
Zubritsky informed viewers to wash the conditioner out of their hair before moving on to exfoliating and shaving the skin.

Zubritsky's 7-part TikTok how-to garnered more than 400,000 views.
The doctor explained in detail each step of a successful shower, highlighting the importance of protecting and moisturizing the skin at all times.

Tackling your hair first is a good decision.

“If you’re waiting until the end of your shower to rinse out your conditioner, that conditioner can sit on your skin, clog your pores, and lead to back and chest acne,” the expert said.

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He then advised exfoliating the skin before shaving with shaving gel to reduce the risk of irritation and razor bumps.

Finally, Zubritsky said to wash your body, double cleanse your face, dry your hair with a microfiber towel, and apply a moisturizer to damp skin for extra hydration.

But some are lukewarm on the trend.

“Do you know what to talk about? What a f – – king it is to drain a shower of everything,” a TikTok detractor named Carly said in a post.

“It’s not even nice,” she continued, noting that she hates taking hot showers. “I’m just dreading it… It’s literally my damn workout for the whole damn week. I literally have to motivate myself to do it because it takes it away from me.”

And while a handful of shower haters agreed with Carly’s comments, fans of the fussy treatment couldn’t help but sing her praises.

“Love my showers for everything,” wrote one advocate.

And another bath time fun aficionado encouraged Carly to tweak the shower settings, saying, “Don’t take a very hot shower, just use warm or tepid water lol.”

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