Gen Z Is Bringing Goats To The Prom, Thanks To Michael Jordan

These children they are true party animals.

Seniors graduating in 2023 may go down in history as the greatest of all time thanks to some fiercely creative high school students who have rented live goats to serve as prom dates, and the legend of NBA Michael Jordan is at the center of it all.

“I brought a goat to prom because I’m known in my town for being the best when it comes to fashion and photography,” JerMarcus Askew, 18, of West Palm Beach, Florida, told The Post. “And I wanted to show everyone that I really am the greatest of all time.”

Trending images of the senior at Palm Beach Lakes Community High School and his sweet horned arm, a goat named Naija, which Askew rented for an hour from a local farmer for $100, went viral on TikTok. , which earned him a whopping 344,000 views.

And he’s not alone in his striking affinity for the farm creature.

For $100, high school senior JerMarcus Askew rented a goat to be his prom date.

A social media user named Mi'Kera racked up a staggering 2.2 million views on a clip featuring her goat prom photos.
A social media user named Mi’Kera racked up a staggering 2.2 million views on a clip featuring her goat prom photos.

Online, dozens of teens planning to graduate in 2023 are virally posing with goats before prom.

The bug craze among Gen Z is in part an ode to the 60-year-old Jordan, who donned the No. 23 jersey during his celebrated career as a Chicago Bulls basketball player. Because of his talent for winning championships, the now-retired athlete has long been revered as the “GOAT” or “greatest of all time” in the world of sports.

And in honor of the hall of fame icon, who sported “23,” the young scholars in the class of 23 wanted to end their high school careers MJ style.

Jordan, who wore the number 23 jersey of the Chicago Bulls, has been hailed as the "GOAT," or the "greatest of all time" in basketball
Future high school graduates pose with goats in tribute to NBA icon Michael Jordan.
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Robertson virally commemorated his senior year and graduation with the goat.
Robertson virally commemorated his senior year and graduation with the goat.

On April 15, senior Jaylyn Robertson, 17, and her prom date Quamie Cole commemorated their big day by taking movies with a goat named Jill on the train tracks near their home.

“We are the class of 2023, and people have referred to our class as the ‘Jordan year,’ because that was their number,” said Robertson, the cheerleading captain and president of the National Honor Society at William High School. Raines in Jacksonville, Florida. ., he explained to The Post. She and Cole were able to borrow the animal from a family friend, who owns a farm, for free.

“He’s the greatest of all time,” Robertson said of Jordan, “so why not use a goat?”

Robertson and Cole took photos with the goat before their prom on Saturday.
Robertson and his date decided to dress the goat in a bow tie to match their prom outfits.

Another prom goer named Mi’Kera garnered a staggering 2.2 million views on TikTok on a clip of her pre-party shots with the cattle by her side. And one rancher, known digitally as @HunterJoFarm, also shared animated images of stunning prom girls snuggling their critters before dancing the night away with their classmates.

However, not everyone is a fan of four-legged fun.

In the comments section of Robertson’s post, cynics blasted the stunt, saying, “My question is why this goat?” and “The class of [2023] He’s going to jail.”

But Robertson tells The Post that virtual reprimands don’t get their goat because “I loved the idea. It was original.

And while Askew got a bit of the same from haters online, he says the hack paid off.

“Overall, having a goat as my prom was really nice,” she said, noting that she didn’t bring Naija to the venue. “Prom was fun, but everyone was asking me, ‘Where’s the goat? Where is the goat?, all night.

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