Fox News’ Tucker Carlson was negotiating a new contract when Murdoch fired him – live

Tucker Carlson’s last words on Fox News as host ‘parts ways’ with network

The “shocked” Tucker Carlson was in the midst of negotiating a new contract with Fox News when he received a call from CEO Suzanne Scott on Monday morning telling him he had been fired from the right-wing network, according to a report.

Fox News announced that it had “parted ways” with its biggest star on Monday, days after settling a $787 million defamation lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems over lies about the 2020 presidential election.

The initiates said vanity fair that Carlson was caught off guard by the news and had recently been negotiating to renew his contract through 2029.

The order for his dismissal is believed to have come directly from Rupert Murdoch.

On Monday night, his “Tucker Carlson Tonight” show was instantly replaced by “Fox News Tonight” hosted by Brian Kilmeade, who played down Carlson’s sudden departure.

“As you’ve probably heard, Fox News and Tucker Carlson have agreed to part ways,” he said.

“I wish Tucker the best. I am a great friend of Tucker’s and always will be. But right now, it’s time for ‘Fox News Tonight,’ so let’s get started.”

Carlson leaves a legacy of bringing far-right ideas and racism to the general public.


Full story: Fired Fox producer says Tucker Carlson made his life ‘hell’

Abby Grossberg, the former Fox News producer who is suing the network, said Tuesday that Tucker Carlson and his executive producer were responsible for making her life a “living hell” when she worked for them.

Grossberg, who was fired by Fox shortly after filing a pair of lawsuits against the network earlier this year, said during an appearance on MSNBC that Fox’s sudden firing of Carlson on Monday left her with mixed emotions.

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Your Guide to the Rotating Cast of Fox’s Interim ‘Fox News Tonight’

tucker carlson tonight it is no longer Instead, Fox is keeping an interim fox news tonight with a lineup of hosts in the coveted 8:00 pm slot previously occupied by the network’s most-watched host.

Kat Abuhazaleh of Media Matters, who has owned Tucker Carlson at the right-wing media watchdog, has this guide to potential hosts for the primetime position:

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Fox News ratings dipped without Carlson. Newsmax saw a rush of new viewers

Last Monday, Tucker Carlson Tonight had approximately 3.2 million viewers.

A week later, in that time slot, with Brian Kilmeade, the ratings dropped slightly, with 2.6 million viewers.

But on Newsmax, a far-right network that has a much smaller audience compared to the giant Fox, the number of viewers has tripled.

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Abby Grossberg has 90 recordings of her time at Fox News

Former producer Abby Grossberg, who was fired following a lawsuit against Fox News, said she has 90 recordings from her time at the network, which she says was marked by widespread toxicity, sexism and bigotry.

She said she couldn’t say if her explosive lawsuit may have anything to do with Tucker Carlson’s firing, but said her departure shows that “when you have the truth on your side and you stand up for yourself, people will listen.”

“For now that is what I take with me,” he said.

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The former Fox producer who sued the network said Carlson’s show made his life hell

“And make my life hell,” he told MSNBC.

His departure from the network brings some “justice,” but “it’s only partial,” he said.

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The last days of Tucker Carlson on Fox News

An impending Delaware defamation trial and motions in a lawsuit directed at his tucker carlson tonight The workplace kicked off what would be the host’s last week on Fox News.

Meanwhile, he returned to the 8 p.m. slot each night with his angry monologues and conspiracy theories broadcast to millions of televisions across the country, characterized as a nation besieged by Democratic officials and the violent mobs under their command. tucker carlson tonight he ended up with several boxes of pizza on his desk while promoting a documentary winking at a far-right conspiracy theory that world leaders want people to eat bugs.

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Why did Fox News fire Tucker Carlson? Here are four theories.

A day later, the question of why, exactly, Fox News fired Tucker Carlson is on everyone’s mind.

It seems Carlson doesn’t even know the answer to that question; vanity fair reports that Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott did not reveal to her the exact reason he was fired.

the independent‘s Graig Graziosi breaks down several reasons why Carlson has been too toxic to stay on the payroll:

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Far-right network hosts believe Carlson was fired because he didn’t fit into Fox’s ‘agenda’

Far-right media personalities believe that Tucker Carlson, who is at the center of costly litigation related to the network’s lies about Dominion voting systems, as well as a lawsuit by a former producer alleging widespread workplace harassment, he was too right-wing for the Murdoch family.

One America News Network manager Dan Ball said that “the new Fox” under Murdoch’s “lads” is pushing a “center, center-left agenda.”

At Newsmax, host Dan Bolling, dubbed “the king” of 8 o’clock prime time by Peter Navarro, said his network will stay “conservative.”

“We are not going to move to the center left like Fox is doing,” he said Monday.

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The unstoppable rise and sudden fall of Tucker Carlson

the independentJosh Marcus charts the controversies and far-right nationalism that came to define the final years of tucker carlson tonightand the litigation that could be fueling the abrupt departure of the Fox News host:

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Trump ally Peter Navarro lashes out at Carlson’s filler in Brian Kilmeade: ‘Cowardly Trash’

Former Trump administration adviser Peter Navarro slammed Fox in its Newsmax competition after news of Tucker Carlson’s departure from the network broke on Monday.

He also called Carlson’s replacement for Monday’s show, Brian Kilmeade, a “never Trump sock puppet.” “

“Your dwarf feet won’t fit [Carlson’s] big shoes in this life. Cut the [Fox] cable now,” he said.

On Tuesday, she called him a “cowardly scum. “

“An honorable man would have refused to sit on [Carlson] the first night of the firing, but no, the biggest Never-Trumper in [Fox] this side of [Karl Rove] it was because of the corpse,” he wrote.

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