Formula E’s Dan Ticktum unimpressed by drivers on F1 grid: ‘Some shouldn’t be there’

Dan Ticktum believes that any of the Formula E drivers could make it big in Formula 1.

The Briton spoke ahead of this weekend’s Berlin E-Prix double header, which marks the start of the European leg of the World Championship.

The German capital follows an exciting final rounds, which included three straight debut races for the all-electric racing series with the Hyderabad, Cape Town and Julius Baer São Paulo E-Prix.

São Paulo fielded 114 overtakes in total and delivered the most lead changes in Formula E history, with three changes in a single lap on two occasions.

That followed the fastest lap in Formula E history in Cape Town, with Nissan’s Sacha Fenestraz averaging 154.987km/h, and the series debut in sub-Saharan Africa was also his fastest race ever at an average speed of 132.199 km/h. It also means nine races in a row, a Formula E record, the polesitter has been overtaken to lose the race.

These statistics underline the competitiveness of Formula E and, for Ticktum, the unrivaled unpredictability of the series is due to the strength of its drivers.

“I think almost every driver in the bar could easily be in Formula 1,” he said.

“Obviously a lot of them have been there and should have been there longer.

Dan Ticktum believes that any of the Formula E drivers could succeed in Formula 1

(Formula E)

“When you get to this level, we are all, say, above the 99% most talented, but if someone comes along who is 98.7% at £10m then that helps, and I can probably do more work. or less good. like the guy who got kicked out.

“I feel like Formula E is one of the only series in the world where all the drivers are paid like true professionals and the fact that we all get paid really speaks for itself. There are some Formula 1 drivers that I don’t think should be there, and I think there are other Formula E drivers that should be there instead.

“When I qualify close to the back or make a little mistake, it’s like ‘well, I’m behind, but I’m back by half a tenth or whatever.’ We are all so close, so it is not so demeaning if you end up at the back of Formula E, compared to another series.

Ticktum has been showing good form this season and achieved his highest FE finish in Cape Town (sixth) and currently has nine points so far in 2023, which is a significant improvement on the one point he scored. in Season 8.

Watch the 2023 SABIC Berlin E-Prix live on terrestrial TV on Channel 4 at 13:30 BST on Saturday 22 April and Sunday 23 April.

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