Former UFC champion breaks tooth in bare-knuckle boxing match

Luke Rockhold took to social media on Sunday to show off the chipped tooth he sustained during a bare-knuckle boxing match over the weekend.

On Saturday night, Rockhold suffered a TKO loss to fellow former UFC star Mike Perry, asking the referee to stop the fight while pointing to his mouth.

Rockhold, a former middleweight champion in the UFC, later revealed his injury in an Instagram video on Sunday.

The 38-year-old American said: “Well, fuck. What can I say? He can tick bare knuckle off the list. It’s crazy shit.

Those little knuckles got me, right on both fronts [teeth]. Maybe a beard, maybe a better mouthpiece [would have helped]. It was a good fight. It’s a shame it had to end that way. […] Mike, you tough bastard, congratulations.

“I have not finished. Some gloves would be nice though.

Rockhold left the UFC in August, retiring from mixed martial arts following a points loss to Paulo Costa.

That fight was Rockhold’s first in three years and marked his third straight loss.

Rockhold won the UFC middleweight title with a TKO of Chris Weidman in 2015 before losing the belt to Michael Bisping via knockout in 2016.

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