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Everything we know about the Atlanta mass shooting that left one dead

One person was killed and many others were injured in a mass shooting Wednesday in Midtown Atlanta.

The Atlanta Police Department announced Wednesday night that a suspect in the shooting had been taken into custody.

Here’s everything we know about the Atlanta shooting:

the shooting

Helicopter footage captured by WXIA-TV showed dozens of police officers were at the scene of the shooting, which allegedly took place in the area of ​​110 W Peachtree St NW, according to police.

The shooting took place at Northside Hospital, according to the medical center.

“Northside Hospital is cooperating with law enforcement after the shooting at our facility. #Atlanta place this afternoon. We urge people in the area to shelter in place and follow instructions from law enforcement on the scene,” the hospital said in a tweet.

The suspect in the Atlanta shooting was in the waiting room of a medical center when he shot and killed five women, Atlanta Police Department Chief Darin Schierbaum said.

Five schools in the Atlanta Public School system were closed. Schools advised parents to stay home and to release students when police say it is safe.

Annie Eaveson, who lives in an apartment complex near the scene of the attack, told CNN that her building was locked down.

“The apartment went on the intercom telling us to stay in our apartments,” he said. “I saw two people taken out on stretchers. Waves of armored officers entered almost in turn. You can see medical professionals huddled in offices.”

Atlanta police warned locals to avoid the area until further notice.

the suspect

Police arrested a suspect at a Cobb County condo complex Wednesday night after spotting suspect Deion Patterson earlier in the day on a Department of Transportation traffic camera.

the daily beast managed to get through to Mr. Patterson’s mother, who told them that the VA had given him a medication that affected his judgment.

“The fucking VA gave him some messy medication. And all he wanted was an Ativan,” her mother, Minyone Patterson, told the daily beast.

He was reportedly with his mother at Northside Hospital for an appointment when he started shooting.

Crime Stoppers announced that there was a $10,000 reward for information leading to the location and arrest of Mr. Patterson, according to Fox News.

Mr. Patterson had a prior marijuana possession case on his record and was discharged from the Coast Guard in January, 11Alive reports.

The arrest

After an hour-long chase, the barking of the dogs was what finally helped police find Mr. Patterson.

Witnesses told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Police were already on their street at a Cobb County condominium complex when a woman named Christy Colwell told officers about a local pool and laundry facility deep in the woods.

“I thought it would be a great place for someone to hide out until dark,” Ms Colwell told the newspaper. “Ten seconds later, (the police) came running towards us, told us to get out on the grass, and then all of a sudden there were 30 police cars heading our way.”

Advanced surveillance technology also played a “huge role” in the shooter’s capture, police said Wednesday.

Authorities said a key break in the case came when investigators saw a license plate number on a vehicle the attacker allegedly stole.

“Those tools are what really gave us the clues we needed to make this a success,” Cobb County Police Chief Stuart VanHoozer said during a news conference Wednesday.

The police official said officers checked several locations, including a construction site, while accumulating information on the suspect.

Eventually, VanHoozer said, an undercover officer confronted the suspect and officers were able to stop and arrest him without incident.

after the shooting

Grady Health System’s medical director, Dr. Robert Jansen, confirmed that the hospital had received four people for treatment after the attack. Three are in critical condition. A fourth is still in the emergency department and the extent of his injuries is currently unknown.

“We were anticipating up to 12 patients,” he said. “Luckily, we only got four, but we were fully prepared for it.”

Atlanta City Councilman Amir Farokhi called for stricter gun controls after the shooting in his district on Wednesday.

“I hope APD apprehends the shooter quickly,” Farokhi said. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “My heart aches for the injured and the family of those who died. Armed violence has become a daily occurrence in our country.

“We cannot let it go back to normal. The time has come for common sense gun reform. We all deserve to feel safe everywhere.”



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