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Dramatic video shows police responding to call of bobcat trapped in car

A bobcat was rescued from a vehicle by police in Wisconsin.

The dramatic rescue was captured on body camera footage and shared on Facebook by Portage County Sheriff Mike Lukas on Wednesday. Lukas said three of his aides received a call from a Toyota owner who claimed there was a bobcat inside his car.

“You can only imagine what everyone was thinking at the time, so when they radioed, many MPs were curious,” Mr. Lukas recounted in the post. “As you can imagine the shock they were in when they got out and saw that there was a bobcat in the vehicle.

The bobcat became trapped inside the Toyota’s grille, leaving officers “baffled,” Laukas said.

Deputies then called in Conservation Warden Bryan Lockman to reinforce them.

Mr. Lockman was able to help the bobcat out of the Toyota with the help of a catch pole, but not without some resistance from the creature.

The animal was trapped in the grill of the vehicle, leaving the deputies ‘baffled’

(Portage County Sheriff)

The bobcat can be seen briefly struggling to free itself before it is quickly placed inside the trunk of Mr. Lockman’s truck.

The bobcat briefly struggled to free itself

(Portage County Sheriff’s Office)

Mr. Lockman and the deputies can be heard laughing after they managed to get the situation under control.

Since then, the bobcat has been released into the wild.



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