Cowboy Bebop creator created a Netflix anime predicting the dangers of AI art – /Film

From the very first episode, we meet what is essentially the third main character, Angela, a former actress and child model transitioning into an idol career. Her mother gets her a famous manager named Tao, who uses artificial intelligence and high technology to create pop stars, create hit songs, and create the ideal image of stardom. At first, Angela annoys Tao, as he is used to working solely with AI, while the singer is little more than a puppet.

AI is so prominent in the world of “Carole & Tuesday” that two girls simply playing and singing along to a very rough rough draft of a song they came up with hours before is enough to blow everyone who hears it away. Despite what Tao and other producers say throughout the anime, there is a human element to the art. Even songs as perfectly constructed and thought out by AI as the Mermaid Sisters’ entry in the singing competition, Mars’ Brightest, can’t hit as hard as simple songs by two teenagers.

ShinichirĊ Watanabe speaks hugely and unequivocally from a place of skepticism when it comes to technology, giving us not just cold, soulless AI art, but also robots directing music videos as a front for a scam, and an investment advisor bot with Pinocchio look. who steals crypto from rich idiots. That’s not to say that technology has no place in our lives, but to lose a human touch is to lose something in ourselves. Watanabe argues that music is an equalizer: A low-budget, lo-fi piano-guitar performance by two girls can have as great a resonance, if not greater, than the biggest, most expensive pop song created by a team of dozens.

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