‘Cool’ hack for ordering fries apparently makes eating in cars easier: video

A viral TikTok video reveals how you can make an order of fries easier to eat while sitting in a car by asking for the side to be served in a cup.

Internet personality Tommy Winkler, from Lombard, Illinois, who is also nicknamed “The Food Guy” and shares videos about his many restaurant adventures, uploaded a TikTok video demonstrating the “#foodhack” on Thursday, July 13. .

The 29-second video shows Winkler driving to a drive-thru McDonald’s and politely asking if he could order large fries in a large cup.

“It goes right into the cup holder,” Winkler explained to the workers stationed at the window before they handed him his cup of fries.

“Perfect right there,” he continued.

Winkler placed the large cup of fries in the driver’s side cup holder. The video shows that he was able to easily access the fries while he was traveling.

It was not immediately known if Winkler’s order modification incurred an additional charge.

Fox News Digital contacted Winkler for comment.

“This is GREAT,” Winkler captioned her french fry video, which has been viewed more than 3.3 million times.

The video also received more than 276,700 likes, 23,900 shares, 10,900 saves, and 830 comments.

Commenters on Winkler’s TikTok video appear to be split on hacking the influencer.

Winkler or “The Food Guy” on TikTok went viral for his trick ordering fries.

“Game changer,” wrote one TikTok user.

“That’s really smart though,” another user commented.

“We did this when I was a teenager, now they say no,” another user wrote.

The video garnered more than 276,700 likes on TikTok.
The video garnered more than 276,700 likes on TikTok.

“Try asking them to fill it with ice cream next time,” another TikTok user quipped.

“Del Taco used to have their fries in a big cup. I miss those days,” recalled another user.

Other TikTok users shared that they don’t see the value in ordering a cup.

“Just put the fry box in the cup holder, it fits perfectly,” wrote one user.

A TikTok user said that this hack was a "game changer."
One TikTok user said this hack was a “game changer.”

“Why not just put the large fries in the cup holder?” another user asked.

“You miss out on the extra potatoes they put in the bag,” another user wrote.

Other commenters claim they remember different fast food restaurants that used to sell cube-sized fries.

While there are reportedly no laws against eating while driving, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration considers multitasking behavior to be a form of distracted driving and the agency discourages drivers from doing so in the same way that it discourages texting, talking, playing on the stereo, entertainment and navigation systems.

The NHTSA notes that 3,522 people died from distracted driving in 2021.

To minimize risks, NHTSA advises drivers to “get out a little early” so they can eat at a complete stop instead of eating while driving.

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