Ceferin would not rule out holding a Champions League final in the United States

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin has hinted that a Champions League final could be played in the United States in the future.

The Slovenian said it was “possible” that competitive matches in Europe’s top club competition could be held in the United States.

The PA news agency reported last September that substantial talks had taken place regarding a four-team Super Cup to be played as the season-opening event in the US competitions.

However, Ceferin hinted that the biggest game of all in European club football could be played on the other side of the Atlantic in the future.

In an interview with Men In Blazers, Ceferin said it was “possible” that European teams could play significant games in the United States, adding: “We started arguing about it, but one year it was the World Cup, (20) ’24 is Euro, this year (the final) is in Istanbul, ’24 is London and ’25 is Munich and after that, let’s see. It’s possible.”

Other sports have successfully brought games into new markets, such as NFL regular-season games in London.

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